“Sportswashing & Greenwashing”: Ex-Soccer Player Jules Boykoff on Qatar Hosting World Cup

We speak with author Jules Boykoff about the climate and political implications of the 2022 World Cup. The soccer tournament is being played in the winter for the first time due to Qatar’s extreme summer temperatures. Boykoff says Qatar and FIFA have greenwashed the event by erroneously claiming the World Cup is “fully carbon neutral” despite blocking an independent review of the games. Boykoff also says Qatar is participating in “sportswashing” by using the games to deflect attention from labor abuses. Boykoff’s article in Scientific American is “The World Cup in Qatar Is a Climate Catastrophe.”

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  1. Hatespeech all over from the western media
    . Will you Question the next FIFA WORLD CUP Which will take place in 3 countries USA, MEXICO, CANADA?? Hypocrite!!!!!

  2. Just like living, Killing takes a tribe. Take away the justifications and crazy, you are left with living.

  3. The days of living in the desert are coming to an end because food will be unable to be shipped in. Drinkable water will soon be out of reach even for the richest deserts and they know it. In the US, Phoenix, Arizona did a water study over several decades and always come away knowing that building in the Desert is unsustainable and will come to an end by 2050. Everyone will have to be moved out of deserts.
    This whole game system gluttony is literally a slap in the face of humanity and people are so addicted they can't even see the death that is coming created by the richest people in the world who were born into wealth and are protected by their money bubbles.

  4. Jules, you have many good points but I sensed a bit of Russophobiawashing there… when you argued Putin used his Sochi approval ratings to "invade" Crimea, you did not mention the "undecadent" West was setting up a coup de état for months in Ukraine… do not omit the context or you won't be taken seriously in your geopolitical "analyses."

  5. Since this Green/Sports Washing happens at ALL sports events? So I trust Boykoff will be protesting in North America 2026 Cup. I will be waiting

  6. Carbon Neutral is an essentially useless objective in as far as sustainability is concerned. If this was such a big deal and if you wanted to get serious about it, it begins with all of the politicians who keep flying all over the world.

  7. If u so unhappy with this football, then stop all football games! Not only this one, but also numerous other ones held all round the world. The rason you are so unhappy is because they are arabs.

  8. There is so much ignorance about the abuse of humans on this world. Tourism is a massive polluter in massive ways that will take forever to describe. As on on a zillion examples, the small island of Corfu, Greece (pop. 120,000 – international air arrivals on the Greek island of Corfu more than doubled in 2021 and even more in 2022 over previous years. Overall, roughly 1 million tourists traveled to Corfu), there are so many tourists that the island is overwhelmed: all hotels and furnished apartments are full, in addition the population is renting out on AirBnB = garbage beyond capacity, sewers overflowing, electricity, etc. is destroying the island and its people. Unfortunately many of those tourist place do not want to expand to other ways of revenue that they could have developed years ago. Finally, on Africa and some of other developing countries asking for compensation: their population growth is unhinged, some women continue to have up to 9 children they cannot afford… many dying at sea…. and in Africa cities are so polluted you can't breath and rivers and Oceans are dumping grounds. Something serious and urgent must be done ASAP

  9. I hope they do the world cup in Canada .we don't need any more riots here especially a bunch of foreigners rioting over a sport we don't care about , oh sure we'll still be looting but our hearts won't be in it

  10. Brits use the word que*r as an insult. Yet, just because some Europeans decided their fathers, brothers and sons can be fruity/gay, and get it up the but, they want other countries to do the same.

    There is no such thing as absolute freedom for an individual within a society. No society would accept men for example to be naked in-front of kindergartens. So if the Qatari society has chosen that gayness is not acceptable, then it is upto them, and not upto the Europeans

    Moreover, surely, Jesus didn’t tell the Europeans to be gay, or to get drunk, or to have sex outside of marriage.
    Deep down some Europeans envy Qatar success, because Europe society is failing.

    Qataris believe in Jesus as a profit and they know better. Qataris don’t decide what is acceptable out of nowhere. They obtain their boundaries and values from Islam.

  11. In Qatar, government projects are awarded to big contractors – mostly managed by foreigners. They hire workers from overseas through agencies in south East Asian countries. The agency takes fees from the companies/contractors. As a result Contractors expect the workers to not work elsewhere once the workers arrive in Qatar.
    The government cannot control every single recruitment happening in the private sector – which is run by foreigners themselves.
    For decades, workers have been coming to Qatar from south east Asia willingly (nobody forces them on planes). The workers know that conditions in their countries (and in Europe) are worse than in Qatar.
    If the Europeans are sincere about those south East Asians, then they should hire them in Europe.

  12. So let's stop any sports tournament now.
    If we take his arguments for face value.
    This should be done.
    Or he has only problem when world cup in Qatar.

  13. Should boycott Qatar not just the world cup… Oh wait then Qatar and other gulf countries would boycott their oil supply to western

  14. Westerns who started world war 1&2., dropped the atomic bomb , illegally invaded Iraq and killed one million Iraqis, created Guantanamo & AbuGraib tourture camps, pays for the bullets that kill Palestinians, steal 3rd world countries resources, abuse farmers from Latin America and north Africa are preaching to Qatar about human rights and why it doesn’t deserve to host the World Cup.

  15. All pro-sports is wasteful, stupid and pointless. It will all be grinding to a halt in a few years as all the support systems and exploitative resources collapse.

  16. He’s wrong on Crimea and Ukraine.
    Yes, Putin is a corrupt bigot, but 🇺🇸 would be no different re: national security interests & threats from bordering countries.

  17. If the US held it would they be sportswashing? They execute people. They torture people (Guantanamo Bay).
    1,085 people have been shot and killed by police in the past year. (Updated Nov. 29, 2022)
    In 2015, The Washington Post began to log every fatal shooting by an on-duty police officer in the United States. In that time there have been more than 5,000 such shootings recorded by The Post.

  18. When education is aimed at pushing a knife one is left with the problem of whether it is useful. People must think what they are questioning versus the business model these sporting events are gaining. A lot of industries are involved, and that Newton's law of equal and opposite force apply.

  19. While all famous people getting shut down because they trying to speak out the truth in USA they trying to talk about democracy!! Disgusting and shameful! Double standards and hypocrisy at the highest point in the world right now ! Like : oh poor Ukraine … and the same thing happening to Palestine since 1947 ! This is just one example. We can make a lot more examples ! UN, WEF and all bunch of BS organizations just work for western countries that’s it . Western media is all about propaganda and lies ! They don’t talk what they have done to other countries in the world via spreading “democracy, liberalism, feminism and all other kind of isms” for the past century !

  20. As a Zoroastrian Persian, I'd like to add that Īrān = Land of Arya (Aryan); Now, Ayran = Ayatollah's Iran; Even i call the current regime Ayran; As long as that flag is represented by that Islamic symbol/logo in the middle; it is Ay-ran (Ayatollah's Iran). ✨🌍✨ they shouldn't be called Īrān until all the innocent prisoners are released, and the Protestors and Children are respected.

  21. Whole carp,,Fonz…give them a break….their trying…they can't just change things to your liking over night….they still have business concerns and a economy to take care of.

  22. He's correct. But the amount of carbon emissions on NFL, BKB and Baseball games, music/entertainment events in the US is outrageous. Yes, that happens in Qatar, but it's happening in the US, despite all the "going green" campaign that democrats make us believe they support.

  23. Another bullshit Woke Turd World media … Sports has always been owned. Patronized. Branded, Owned and Controlled by BRANDS or RICH WHITE MEN.
    Every successful african american basketplayer or be it Serena Williams, are basically branded Cows of Nike, Puma, Adidas and many bigger brands.
    These woke assholx of bureaucracy now are just making bullshit (agenda) out of nothing.
    Remember Qatar is a pathetic medieval monarchy. Al Jazeera sucks the King's C&CK and in turn, Bureacracy Now Sucks DULL JAzeeras C&CK
    A rat pack of assholx weaving bullshit stories.

  24. Satanism, of the liberal toxicity 🌈🌈🌈👨🏾‍🎤👨🏾‍🎤🧔‍♀️🧔‍♀️🌭🌭🌭the criminal conspiracy that is the professional pervert class poisoning of the underclass. Eugenics the history of the grand Satanic deception

  25. Did that fossil say "piggyjack"! What's that in relation to woke soccer players?
    I just looked it up! – subs and doms in a funny way?

  26. Anything with word democracy….. liberal agenda…while doing everything they calling out others to do and not doing it. Carbon carbon blah blah…..

  27. Propaganda Amy at it again!! This time reporting as if she could afford to focus on "another country's crime" when her own country Merikkka is a nest of racism, sexism and explotation. Clean your own house, denounce your Democrat funders and focus on the biggest purveyor of evil: Merikkka!!

  28. Though much of what is said may be factual. But like everything on US media is based on nationalistic propaganda. I didn't hear this kind of right talk when the Olympics were held in Canada or the USA. I'm sure when Fifa comes to Canada ,Mexico USA in 2026 all the American corporations will be treated like environmentalists who are "saving the world" and care about "MANKIND".you/ USA should expose more of you're child labor, family's in camps, woman's rights suppressed. This is so typical of US hypocritical propaganda.

  29. There is NO WAY the COP27 Convention Center met their Eco-friendly goals in a few months, and I have yet to hear a report on that!

  30. I'm not sure i like these people who using this sporting event, and the mere fact it is being hosted somewhere, to raise all kinds of political point and grievances. This is particularly when these western authors or writers have the luxury to pontificate and write about things and all people want in the global south is to host a sporting event that have long been confined to western countries. These authors also hail from countries with far from stellar records particularly in such things as pollution and sustainability. All this amounts to "bad Arabs" and we want to talk about it.

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