1. Worst movie title ever! But it actually looks like a good film. Happy to watch. But geez the title 🤑

  2. شذوذ مقرفين ومقززين
    انحطاط الغرب والامريكان لا يطاق
    هدم لكل القيم والمبادىء
    نشر العهر والدعارة والشذوذ الجنسي والخمر والمخدرات
    تحريض على العنف والقتل وانتشار كل أنواع الجرائم

  3. I love Jim. Don’t get me wrong. But I’d love to see the serial killer version of this trailer. Because I kept thinking this was going to be about a serial killer the first several moments 😅

  4. Ох, Шелдон, Шелдон…

    Но фильм, похоже, хороший – эмоциональный.

  5. Shit. Jim Parsons, you broke MY heart in the first 60 seconds.. Will have to watch this one alone so
    I can sob loudly through the whole damn thing.

  6. Awkward gay man finds another gay man at a club, and his own is full of strange objects. Look, I'm just saying that Jeffery Dahmer series is getting to me.

  7. Omg. SALLY. FIELD. An absolute Icon 👑
    In my opinion the only other actress who can run circles around the Streep. 💁🏻‍♀️👏🏻

  8. Showalter on fire in 2022!! Jim being so sexy!! And the great Bill Irwin to top it off. Looks so good!!

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