1. The best new Christmas thingy since Scrooged/Elf. I trust these two to not fail at this goal but if I don't see Bobcat I'm out. Edit: Bobcat with a shotgun.

  2. I will lose my shit if Hughe Jackman just shows up out of nowhere and just says hi to Ryan at any point in the movie.
    Or better yet.
    The Ghost of Christmas present tries to dress Ryan up in different holiday suits and lands him in one that makes him look like Deadpool.

  3. Was excited for a about 30 seconds because of the actors… This looks terrible ill stick with Scrooged.

  4. So, just been a white man is the bad guy now? The racism in that.
    I miss Patrick Stewart's A Christmas Carol. That was deep.

  5. Dumb trailer with a dumb person like Will!! Trailer itself is not promising what else can we expect from the movie…Utter Shit!!

  6. Meh, the whole " i dont care" acting Reynolds is only capable of is getting old.
    Its not cancelculture, but its just boring to see the repetetive pattern. But then again, im not a fan of the whole "stars" from hollywood gets all the roles every time either. So there is that.

  7. People who throw gender reveal parties will certainly be haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come…..in about 9 months. 👶

  8. Whoa! It appears as if Ryan has had a little 'Nip & Tuck'. Look at his eyes. Time is a beotch.

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