Spider-Woman's Secrets REVEALED!…? | Ask Marvel

Karla Pacheco, writer of the new SPIDER-WOMAN ongoing series, answers your questions about Jess’ latest adventures in boat explosions, helicopter explosions, and more!

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  1. I hope Rebecca joins the spider-family as a paraplegic hero. It'll be really cool to see that

  2. 0.168% of of your subscribers have viewed this video in 1 month and during the same time 0.0061% of your subscriber base liked the video…..is there not a single business minded person at Marvel Comics who understands the basic concept of supply and demand….there is no demand for this.

  3. I want to see Jessica Drew and Carol Danvers teaming up with Each Other. Those two are definitely the Perfect Partners in Crime Duo.

  4. If y'all ask me, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel should've been the Perfect Marvel Superheroine Lesbian Couple of the Marvel Universe franchises.

  5. R.I.P Stan Lee 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭📿⛪😇👼🎗🕆🕇🛐

  6. Why does spiderwoman (a mom) throw a random kid at a villain just because she was mad at the kid for calling her a name… ?

  7. Following the violent child abuse that Spider Woman carried out in #1 will she ramp this up and flat up kill a child in later releases? What a role model

  8. She looks like she should be serving lunch at an elementary school not writing comic books!!

  9. Why is Spider Woman a Woman? Why isn't Spider Woman a Woman trapped inside a man's body who's also a Lesbian? 0/10 NOT WOKE ENOUGH DO BETTER MARVEL!

  10. Why did you write a super hero, so-called, assaulting a boy multiple times (tossing him from a ship) and then threatening to sexually assault (via castration) this same adolescent (legally a child) again? I can't imagine Spiderman physically assaulting an adolescent girl and then threatening to further assault her. This is revolting.

  11. This is so funny. She practically says…
    "I totally swear i know what im doing"…. Errrrr…..
    And yet… This didnt even get a hard dislike rate like the woke new comic characters where they told nearly everything about the backstory LOL.

  12. The Secret is make a cheap knock off Stan Lee's Spider-man. Then knock it off over and over and over. (silk, gwen, miles, ect).

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