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  1. They choose the right woman to lead the character . She copied Diana's behavior perfectly kristen is really a good actress more projects for her please she deserves an oscar

  2. Besides being awfully boring, this movie was obviously meant to be a complete attack on Diana's character. It was absurdly inaccurate to the point of being more than just a fable. They depicted her as an immature child at every turn and left out all the bits about the nefarious members of the "royal" family, especially the reptilian queen. What a disgrace, and a snoozer to boot.

  3. No one ever wants to take a critical look at Diana but in reality she was not stable and she wasn't mature. Her childhood made her needed. She just couldn't stand on her own two feet and do her job. She made the royals out to be terrible, but that is because she never grew up. Some people have needs that no one can fill and she was one of them. She even put her burden on William telling him all her troubles. Who does that. Then you look at Meghin Markel she leads poor Harry around by the nose because Diana was unable to be a strong mother and make a man out of him. Diana's legacy isn't a good one regardless of what they say.

  4. Sorry but I was laughing out loud throughout this trailer, why was everybody… Literally every line of dialogue from everybody was whispered! Seriously, watch it again and you'll notice that everybody was whispering…

  5. It must have been awful being married to a man who couldn't stand conceiving children with you or being around you at all. Kristen Stewart and Jack Farthing as Diana and Charles conveyed all that quite well in their few scenes together.

  6. I'm embarrassed to say that I had no idea that this movie was about the Diana Spencer, but I have always been a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, so I decided to watch it. I was so impressed with her stunning performance. She completely channeled Diana's every move and emotions. Kristen is stunning and I was so mesmerized at every move and the way she conveyed emotions with her eyes and through body movements truly made Princess Diana come to life. I have always been rooting for Kristen after her Twilight days. She is a natural and emotionally gifted actor and I'm so happy for her. This is definitely a captivating Oscar worthy performance and I hope she wins as it would be so well-deserved. And hope this will shut all the haters up. Kristen Stewart is and has always been the real deal. She and Diana were so similar in so many ways, so she was the perfect actress to play Diana. Bravo and Encore!

  7. When I first heard about this, I'll admit I did not have high hopes. I didn't think Kristen Stewart could pull this off. I just saw the movie this afternoon and I couldn't have been more wrong. She doesn't so much look like or impersonate Diana as much as she has captured Diana's essence (or what I imagine her essence to be). She has some of Diana's mannerisms, but doesn't attempt to copy Diana. I was totally lost in her performance and 100% believed she was Diana, not Kristen. This movie was brutal to watch, but excellent. It will stay with me for a long time. I hope she gets the Oscar.

  8. Kristen Stewart was just nominated for best actress for her performance here. If she doesn’t win I may loose my mind

  9. She Missed Her Freedom And Her Childhood Memories, She Didn't Like The Window Curtains Wired shut.

  10. I saw the movie yesterday and I really don't recommend it. She's a great actress, but the script was bad and boring. Seriously, don't loose your time and money

  11. Even Diana’s manager said hers is the best performance of the Princess hes ever seen, and that it felt like seeing her again after all these years!!!

  12. They really made Diana look like a delusional psychopath…very unrealistic portraying by Kristen and what was the purpose director thinking…