Sophy Ridge on Sunday: Oliver Dowden, Ed Miliband, Paul Blomfield and Tina Stege

Sophy Ridge is joined by Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden, shadow climate change secretary Ed Miliband, Labour MP Paul Blomfield and the climate envoy for the Marshall Islands Tina Stege.

#sophyridge #politics #skynews

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  1. In one breath Oliver says we have difficult decisions to make, there will be cuts to everything… In the next, he says they will put huge amounts in to renewables…. What is wrong with these idiots?!

  2. Dear Oliver Dowden, your head is getting fatter and fatter by the day. Go slow on the cheese and wine bro.

  3. Climate change okay every person in the world can pay bsnk should be no more that 15k salaries 20k

  4. Ed Milliband is one of a rare breed in politicians.
    He actually seems to have a heart and a conscience.
    I'm no fan boy of politicians either, so ..

  5. Assisted dieing, if it becomes law it will open the door to forgery and homicide! I am a practicing christian and I canno support this law. It is truly impossible to not feel devastated to hear these stories of people committing suicide, but nothing can be worst than burning for ever. May God forgive their souls and grant them eternal rest!

  6. The govern banned wind power to get cushy jobs for themselves and their friends and relatives when/if they step out of politics, and does not care for the people. It will look really ridiculous in Egypt!

  7. Why has the govern allowed the increase of the price of clean renewable energy in ,in line with the gas prices, for consumers even though the green energy is not affected by gas prices? How does that motivate anybody aside from the energy companies?

  8. Tory infighting still alive and well. Roll on the day when Tory Party utterly destroys itself and UK will have to adopt proportional representation.

  9. Again Tory spokesman blames external factors of war and disease to deflect from government's failure to control it's economic & political relationships with the outside world.

  10. After all of what has happened, these Tories do not deserve to be in power. They simply don't deserve it.

  11. I do not think SkyNews is in the position to point finger to anyone about climate change when it does not feature in their daylight new. Yes they have a program on climate change , but the situation on climate change is so serious it deserves to be a topic in the daily news.

  12. If Edd Milliband was doing his job properly, he would of halted the Labour conference after the first day! So much hot air came out of that building that the worlds temperature must of gone up at least 10oC!

  13. Great how they want to 'level up the North'. Apparently the North is Manchester and Leeds. Great to see England being the focus.

  14. If Olly ‘Danny La Rue’ Dowden had said ‘difficult decisions’ one more time I was close to throwing my tv into the garden tip. What a useless character.

  15. A well known and important body language clue is, when a person is lying, their head leans to the side and they do not keep their head upright … look closely at Dowden …. just saying ….. 😡

  16. Presumably this is the hour a week, Sky UK allocate to appeasement of the PC and almost dominant in the HC and Media, Political class. I would give Gavin Williamson and the Home Sec, 3 stars each for defiance in the National Interest. By no means enough. But the casual articulate contempt of a reasonably serious past defence minister Williamson and the Home Secretary, Braverman determined refusal to surrender to the equalists, internationalists and haters of Great Britain.

  17. What a despicable little man this Dowden, shamelessly taking the public for fools.

  18. This guy always says, we have plans, we hope, but never says what the government would do. What a plonked. Go Scotland (independence), greetings from Australia.

  19. She never gets her questions answered and does nothing about it. Very weak, very attractive though.

  20. So in the ''heat'' of the moment its ok to send abusive threatening messages? Well if youre a tory sir…whatever that means ,it seems to be ok.

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