1. NETFLIX loves to desensitised the masses with promoting glamourised senseless bloody violence to feed their masters .and mind controlled people gobble It up and ask for more

  2. Ooo süper bir dizi belli farklı bir yapım olmuş şimdiden baya merak ediyorum ama tarihi ne zaman acaba 😅😅🤔

  3. I'm all in for a serial killer one. Gosh this trailer is insanely stunning! I'm so mesmerized by their acting even tho it was a short clip but I can feel the anticipation building up in me! Hopefully this will live up to my expectations. Cause after mouse I can't seem to lower my bar! I'm all up for Somebody ✨

  4. Just why. With the glasses too. Romanticizing serial killers isnt cute or cool. If they want to talk about these issues thats fine but actual people die because of people like this and they turn it into some romantic killer genre? Why

  5. This show is far from sane, it's another world.

    Ehh I don't know if they should identify as psychopaths or what…
    This is so different from usual kdrama love stories. This is just dark😭

  6. Now this is what I'm talking about. Hell yes sign me up for some FL falling for the villain

  7. Daaaamn Kim Young Kwang is definitely one of the reasons why I’m gonna watch this ! The plot looks so freaking good ?? I’m excited

  8. I'm gonna watch this because of Kim Yong Ji, but I didn't see her in the trailer. 😭😭😭

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