SNOW FALLS Official Trailer (2022) Horror Movie HD

SNOW FALLS Official Trailer (2022) Horror Movie HD

This terrifying wintertime horror tale will chill you to the bone. As med student Eden joins four friends at a remote cabin to celebrate New Year’s, party time quickly turns serious when a brutal winter storm isolates the kids and knocks out the power. After making frozen cocktails with the snow, Eden and her friends start acting strangely. Convinced that the flakes have infected them with an evil virus, they struggle to stay awake to avoid freezing to death. Who will survive this icy ordeal?

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  1. "Look for this on DVD and digital?" Did this not even get a theatrical release? And it's backed by Lionsgate?!?!? Doesn't bode well…. Sounds like a good premise but may just be typical horror schlock with a big enough budget to look 3 steps up from "filmed with my grandma's camcorder".

  2. THEY ARE IN A CABIN FULL OF WOOD AND THEY DONT MAKE A FIRE TO BOIL THE SNOW????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Typical Horror movie dumbness.

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