1. really wanna see this one and im not big on movies. i hate to admit tho it feels like they ripping off the mind of jordan peele films..

  2. Cuz once you see it you have to kill someone and/or find a patsy to pass it onto. Nobody else did. This guy did and that's why he's in jail. He murdered someone. The reason he freaks out is cuz he doesn't wanna go through all that Hell again.

  3. I feel like they trying to turn everything good and happy into bad and negative I have a smiling disorder and hopefully I don't get turned or labeled as bad

  4. Just watched this film and feel traumered lol. Very scary and unnerving. Id advise anyone with a heart condition to not watch it.

  5. Thus is the reality of our world. We just can't stand seeing anyone smile because misery loves company and its horrifying. I think that's the metaphorical message behind the message. I also hate seeing tye same people smile and boast about how good their lives are

  6. so normally scary movie trailers scare me somewhat… i just sat for 1:20 waiting to see where the praise stephen king gave this would come in and dont see it in this cut together trailer

  7. Honestly. It is terrifying yea it builds on fun suspense but def unsettling and disturbing. I would recommend doing a prayer before the movie . Seriously . This movie had bad vibes all around . Yea it's a good horror movie but really evil . Do a prayer to Jesus Christ. Very important. He is our hope and salvation. I know I shouldn't be watching horror films but its hard to stop . All I am saying is ask God for protection always . Also if horror films are already too much for someone to handle do NOT watch this one. (Trigger warning for sure) blessings to everyone.

  8. That last shot with the car freaked me out, not gonna lie. It's framed so well, because it forces you to expect the figure to bend down, or crouch down, to smile at the lady in the car — and then totally comes out of left field with the crazy head thing. The whole trailer up until that point also doesn't really show inhuman feats like that, so you're expecting smiling folks to be the only real scare

  9. the thing is this is actually fricking scary you know like everyone u know looks and smiles then they die or try to kill u

  10. why affected people just don't look to other people's faces or look away very quickly if they accidentaly see a smile? guess I'll have to watch the movie first, but seems so easy to avoid this curse…

  11. Mrs Sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  12. Watched it! The movie has the vibes Of Truth or dare the conjuring 3 and It follows if u liked those movies u probably well enjoy it- Actually i didnt meant abt the story’s I meant abt the soundtracks. the atmosphere of the film. And that gives butterflies in the stomach when something comes up.

  13. Hmm. Looks like that psychopathic hag that Slow Joe put in charge of the Ministry of Truth.

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