Sky News Breakfast: UK and France agree on new Channel crossings deal

– The Home Secretary has signed a long-awaited deal with France, aimed at tackling the growing migrant crisis

– Ahead of that deal, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the government needs to “get a grip” of people trafficking

– London Mayor Sadiq Khan tells Kay Burley that the government must find the balance between having a “human immigration policy” whilst “controlling the borders.”

Plus all the day’s headlines and breaking news.

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  1. snakeskin print ? how very apt.
    sounding a bit throaty there luv … did the ‘$afe & effective’ flunk out again ? or is it just the general wear & tear of your endless daily egregious lies ?

  2. What a load of nonsense by Cleverly . Still spouting the same old tired Conservative lies and garbage . The Conservatives want the illegals here as much as Labour and the Liberal Democrats do , perhaps even more. Remember this come the real election day ? I am going to vote for the furthest right party that i can find . The media play an equal part in this , listen to Burley air her own personal views instead of remaining neutral like a professional news person should do . Burley is taking pointers from the BBC .

  3. Let border force strike it means less taxis ferrying illegal migrants across……..I see this strike as a win for the British citizens

  4. Agree to do the exact same thing, France pleased to see them leave and the UK pleased to help them across.

  5. Why would anyone want to come here for economic reasons? our economy is nose diving into one of the worst recessions weve ever seen. I'm from the UK and I'm hoping to be deported to Rwanda atleast I wont have to worry about my heating bill.

  6. African countries keep their people in poverty. They have interest in these people going as they send money home to their families. Stop the money. It's a war.

  7. Cleverly is as slippery as an eel. No matter which corrupt and inept Tory government is in charge he is their apologist, appearing on these shows and pivots constantly.

  8. Sod France, pay the traffickers a quarter of what we're going to pay France and tell them they get money deducted from that amount for every illegal that's gets here. Bet it stops pretty dam quick.

  9. That wont work .mate ..change legislations …prison who come to UK and send back immediately..only this can work

  10. Wont change anything. Our politicians and media are complicit in the foreign takeover of Btitain.
    Millions of criminals are assisted to come here and ransack the country while the media play down the crisis and British people suffer.
    Did we fight world wars for nothing, so the country can be given away by liberal politics and politicians who don't care?
    The only answer is yes.

  11. Priti Patel and Braverman made two deals and both paid 63million and 40,000 arrived. Both are Conservative propagandists.

  12. Never worked in the past, so, lets just keep doing the same thing . 💸
    He looks like a taylor swift fan boy. 🤣🙊

  13. Take away the boats, no boats, no crossings, why aren't the boats destroyed when they land here, they're not its deliberate

  14. 8m deal why is this a big story, thats like sky bet championship transfer deal, wouldn't even make the back page let alone the front page. Non story to distract from the real issues as usual.

  15. What is it about British journalists that makes them think being a complete c**t equates to good journalism?

  16. WWII was fought to stop the Invasion of England ….
    Now our MPs are too pathetic to stop the Invasion of England 7 decades later …

  17. Perhaps the British people will eventually wake up, and realise that the 'British' government want this influx!

  18. A fella quite some time ago , recommended having a cruise ship in the channel & the illegal crossers should be met half way & taken to this ship until further notice , something like that anyway . I think this is a good idea

  19. More decoy news. Let's ignore the fact that thousands of people will be evicted because they can't afford to pay their mortgage because of the tory government clusterfuck mini budget which cost the uk 30 billion pounds and now the tories want us the taxpayers to pay for their balls up. WTF !

  20. Looks well this these ppl fleeing err. Will soon be fleeing from this country when it on its knees an it won’t be long with these idiots in charge

  21. I watch this for 2min an decided everything he’s saying is bullshit an ridiculous this country is goosed. These politicians are the real people traffickers with there stupid policies

  22. It's not a proposition by Wittkenstein. We could sort this easily enough if our phony 'Tory' government grew spine and told the Crapauds where they get off

    And tbh, given Cleverly won;t even tell SKY's stupid, biased leftist presenter to shut her trap-and let him speak, there's not much chance of that.

  23. Where has the compassion gone from this country? We never used to be like this! It’s an extreme form of Farage-itius.

  24. Uk government not serious about stopping migration, they just stick an expensive band aid on the problem.

  25. Even economic migrants do not want to stay in hotels and have no money. They come here to work, so let them work . They could work for the local councils that they stay in. They will be contributing to society and paying there own way. The system needs to change

  26. How come politicians as public servants don't strike? I know its because they are all rich and get paid a fortune, get expenses paid and get concessions on everything. Why are politicians getting paid more than nurses??

  27. More money sent to France. More "cheep workers" sent to Britian. Looks like these MP's are the people trafficers.

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