Sky News Breakfast: Thousands of nurses strike for a second day over pay

On Sky’s News Breakfast with Niall Paterson:

– Thousands of nurses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland strike for a second day in less than a week over pay

– A US Congressional Committee recommends that Donald Trump should face criminal charges over the January 6 Capitol riot

– The Hollywood film producer whose actions ignited the MeToo movement, Harvey Weinstein is found guilty of rape by a court in Los Angeles

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  1. Independent pay review body; selected by the prime minister and including Tories. The same body they ignored 2 years in a row are now set in stone?
    The Tories just seem to be unable to ever tell the truth.

    For my sanity can anyone please tell me something good this government has done I the last 10 years that isn't overlayed by lies and corruption.

  2. Out job usually pays us time & a half for Sundays but because they adjusted our days for Thanksgiving and we were to come back on Sunday they told us they made a mistake and took out $200 each of mine and my husbands Christmas paycheck instead. Merry Christmas!!! -$400😞

  3. Time for the King to step in and take charge and be a King to be respected even if he has to over rule the indecisive procrastinating present Government, dip into his own pocket and subsidies the pay increases for his subjects. Respect is earned and not a given. Come on Charles take charge and show your a true leader of the people.

  4. If the government are truly interested in patient care and safety why are they refusing to talk with the representatives of the nurses?

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  6. So people who were supporting the clotshot, now want more money? For what, killing people and dancing?

  7. And to think that the big Tory donor (whatshistwattingname) considers Sunak too left and worries about the future of the Tory party if it does not swing hard right ……. just WTF fascists behind these Tories – disgusting

  8. 12 years later – funny that but I do not believe or trust Tory governemnt to sort out anything in favour of the people – BREXSHITTERS

  9. This enrages me David Cameron slashed Community care services and now we wonder why the beds in hospital are full come on people it's not hard

  10. The ambulance strike is a outrage, just because they say routine does not mean none emergency none life threatening, it means its done a lot, ambulance teams are paid well and this is not going to help the nurses, vital services like police, army and the NHS should not be aloud to strike

  11. Is it just me or do the nurses seem very happy upbeat dancing singing, not quite the run down over worked over run work force 30 k and ur using food banks … something dose not add up! Maybe pay the nurses the inflation busting payrise and when inflation goes back down take away 10% of the payrise they had… job done. I worked over lock down I didn't get a payrise..! well done nurses for doing the job ur paid to do?

  12. The Hospital is short of Nurses. There's a good suggestion is to ask Sunak wife and Jeremy Hunt wife to volunteer to work free in the Hospital as nurses. If they find that the work is too much , they can choose to work in the MORTUARY helping the dead to change clothing.

  13. The Tory banksters are robbing the NHS.Somebody ask this depraved Govt to resign and call an Election while there's still a semi functioning country. The piggies are eating the hospital's now

  14. He’s not wearing that orange tie today? He’s got a day off representing the illuminati then hahah remember folks orange is their colour and 33 is their number

  15. Nurses, Ambulance. Ex- President Donald Trump causing riot in Capitol Hill in Jan 2021.British Airways has flight delays between USA and UK. 🍏

  16. Its as if the Government want Nurses Striking so they have another load of excuses for Sudden Daeths and Vaccidents… If wages same in last 10 years why wait all this time?

  17. According to very respected economists, the idea that a pay award to nurses will create runaway inflation like the government keeps saying is sheer nonsense. Are we being lied to yet again ?

  18. PM Rishi Sunak being stingy over Nurses pay. SMH! They work long shifts and heroes during the pandemic.

  19. 37billion on a failed track and trace run bt a jockey – all the big calls right – remember they wanted herd immunity till the death toll got to political …. Privitization by the back door underfunding for failure…..

  20. Things are going so well in the UK after Brexit… Right? It has truly become "the envy" of all the other nations In the EU…

  21. Nursing taking hostages of ill people…disgusting and selfish behaviour…they have lost sight of the bigger picture and are badly led by extremists

  22. Quincy… such a lying Toe-rag. …..Found plenty of Billions for UKRAINE didn't they!

  23. Good luck to them. They risked their lives to save ours during the covid pandemic and now it's our turn to support them. Sunak better treat them right or it'll end up with a national strike and his ivory tower will come tumbling down around him .

  24. PM Liz truss pledged £6 billion pounds aid to Ukraines for DEC/Jan2023, in her first week in power on the front door of 10 downing street. British, Where is this Money – Ukraines need it NOW. -Don't go silent now. Send the cash before your holidays please..

    We will make sure hunter Biden and Zelensky's friends get their cut of 15%. and olena zelenska needs a new wardrobe.

  25. Make the government pay ! Billions wasted from ppe test and trace , is that money tucked away in THE CAYMAN ISLES ? There's the money… test and trace the criminals/government

  26. Personally I didn’t clap during the main covid pandemic. As a fellow nurse I felt the public meant well but the politicians didn’t. If they really appreciate and cares about nurses they would give them a salary rise commensurate with saving lives, risking their own families, no breaks, pressure sores on their faces due to PPE, claustrophobia and discomfort for wearing protective equipment in a warm environment, overtime due to documentation required and insufficient wages to maintain a reasonable standard of living bearing in mind their qualification obtained at their OWN cost. No wonder they have staffing crisis and staff retention problems

  27. The Tories simply cannot afford a pay rise .They need it for Fishys Xmas party and The Michael Buble Tribute Act .

  28. Pay rise will NOT fix exhausted hours of work. Sack all the ones that strike. WE NEED TO START A BLACK RAINBOW MONEY FOR NHS NOT NURSES POCKETS!!!!.. Greedy Nurse rainbow campaign

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