Sky News Breakfast: Rising food prices pushes inflation to 10.1%

On Sky News Breakfast with Kay Burley:

– Latest inflation figures show the cost of living went up 10.1% in the 12 months to September, driven mostly by rising food prices
– Liz Truss faces Sir Keir Starmer for her first PMQs since her mini-budget was torn up by new chancellor Jeremy Hunt
– And an Iranian climber returns after competing in South Korea without wearing a mandatory hijab.

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  1. The chinese consulate should be closed down and everyone in it immediately kicked out of Britain. This is not china! All videos clearly show them dragging that poor guy inside and beating him. Absolutely disgusting disregarded for our democratic rights and rule of law. Kick them out!

  2. did the government know how much money would be owed after lockdown if they did they didn't tell the public if we were told that it would cost between 310billion and 410billion pounds and how catastrophic it would be for us why tell us how much it cost afterwards nobody voted for lockdowns it was enforced onto us and it was hell and now we're paying for something nobody wanted todo except the government

  3. That is the whole idea. Vatican 🇻🇦 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 Satanist and Coalition members are in process of depopulation and total bankruptcy of middle and low class which are disposable items after use… St.Thomas

  4. Misstrust said in parliament today they would honour the triple lock.. next week she will do a big U TURN on that statement.. then 2 weeks later she'll apologise a say she inflation in jamaica is only 2%. So thats what we base the rise on..

  5. Unfortunately Kay always fails to Hold mps to account when they are interviewed, I have no faith in her and do not like her ideals she is a tory at heart.

  6. Kay’s not gonna have any tough times with all the millions that they pay her, why doesn’t she give some of her money away?

  7. Talk is cheap , same people are the ones bragging about how they will collapse Russia economy ….what is the result

  8. Western media is crap.Stop blaming food for inflation.Blame stupid leadership and clueless sanctions.Did food sack Boris?

  9. These guys said they were going to deal a sanction blow to the heat of the Russian economy. That arrow came back and hit them in the nuts instead. Absolute comedy. 😂🤣😂

  10. when is the media going to stop calling the citizens "consumers"?We are citizens not consumers.

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