Sky News Breakfast: Police misogyny revealed in Sarah Everard report

On Sky News breakfast with Niall Paterson:

– Hundreds of police officers who should have failed vetting checks may be serving in England and Wales, a damning report has found

– We report from the trenches on the road to Kherson as the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson tells us he doesn’t believe Russia will use nuclear weapons in Ukraine

– And air raid sirens sound in South Korea after North Korea fires several missiles after a series of tests ordered by its leader Kim Jong-un. 

Plus all the day’s headlines and breaking news.

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  1. Absolutely disgusting!!! Men and women both. Unbelievable in the uk in 2022!!! Vomit inducing behaviours

  2. How many vulnerable people that have died in police custody is appalling but that is not looked at sadly

  3. undeniably obvious – they couldn't stop themselves as they waited for sunset and then attacking a vigil for Sarah who was murdered by one of their own……….indefensible and should never be forgotten………..

  4. If 40000, mostly illegal Armenian young men in one year isn’t an invasion, what is? Sky stop being so “woke” she said it like it is! Good for her, welcome some straight talking!

  5. I get a feeling this video has been put on to act like they are tackling an ongoing problem where other gross misconduct issues have been highlighted by YouTube Auditors.

  6. is it mostly young people even watching I'm a celebrity? I thought it was mostly a housewife type crowd.

  7. ชื่อ ขันธิลา มีศิลป์ Name Kantila Meesin

  8. Every single politician, presenter, commentator or racist mouthpiecehas contributed to this with their demonisation of refugees.
    They have conveniently forgotten what Western inventions have done to cause people to flee their homes. Every single politician who has been involved in racist policies to scapegoat refugees is a hypocrite and should be called out.

    Stochastic terrorism (n.):
    ”… the use of mass media to provoke random acts of ideolog­i­cally motivated violence that are statistically predictable but individually unpre­dict­able.”

  9. That putz was not around in the first world War so he should not be making claims as such. Screams bias

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