Sky News Breakfast: Labour wins Chester by-election by decisive margin

On Sky News Breakfast with Anna Jones:

– Is Labour’s win in the Chester by-election big enough to get them on the road to power?

– Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, will meet with rail union bosses to discuss the strikes

– Around 10 to 13,000 soldiers have been killed so far in the war with Russia, claims a Ukrainian official

– Both Germany and Belgium have been knocked out of the World Cup in Qatar

– The Prince and Princess of Wales continue their US trip despite Harry and Meghan’s high-profile publicity campaign

Read the latest from the Sky News website:

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  1. "Charmain, a mother of 8, is struggling to pay for her energy bills"

    Is the father('s) helping support?

  2. By election is only small area of public vote, it is not national, that particular area could Labour's strong hold. And can not predict the vote of everywhere in England.

  3. How anyone thinks that Labour should be given another chance is beyond me. Its Hobson's. Between them, the Tories and Labour have wrecked this countrty but people are like sheep and keep voting for them. Like turkeys voting for Ramadan.

  4. All I can see is the people of Chester must be brain dead if they believe that Labour will be a better option than the tories. Those 2 parties are absolutely identical. For God's sake it's REFORM that's needed. Why can't the British public see that the tories and Labour are utterly corrupt and their political system is twisted to their ideals . They are not interested in what the people want.

  5. What happens in labour or ira sinn fein is they already have a voting body primed from birth to never vote even if good candicate opposite due to groomed hate of union/Conservative. Labour stronghold wins by labour not a big story

  6. English mainstream political cancer offers bad and bad 👎as both the same crap core of deliousional culture out of touch with World realities.

  7. Lord Haywood said Sunak knows what has to be done ? I think one of the biggest problems is the Conservatives don’t actually know what they should be doing as the current Government ? , It’s as though they’ve forgotten their role is to Govern the country, to run the country ? Somewhere along the way they’ve got it in their heads staying in power is the only thing that matters , this manic transferring of responsibilities to the people, to councils , to Private companies and thrusting the blame towards covid , Russia, strikes and whatever else pops up !

  8. the people are talking , they are tired of the buzz word bull from the private school tory party

  9. Numpties in Chester vote for a party with no policies, no hope or no labour leader only a rich capitalist (Starmer).

  10. No one from Labour was invited on??? A Tory peer!? What is this, upper middle class crisis counseling for your morning cup of tea?

  11. Tory Lord Hayward says Labour should be "satisfied" and his party have avoided disaster. Time to retire to your unelected chamber m'lud until your next rejection.

  12. From US all governments are freaking out! Everywhere, so yeah………We should be but WE CAN"T AFFORD IT!!!

  13. …it's the U.K.'s rail's U.K. infrastructure…the Conservatives act as though Parliament and Britain are two separate places…

  14. Psychological thing from conservatives, hmmm when voters vote they are not playing psychological games they vote to clean up all the mess that is making their lives a nightmares 😈👹👺

  15. Labour – Libs or the Cons have no chance – the next election will be won by REFORM or RECLAIM – IF NOT THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON THE STREETS…

  16. An MP selected on 17,000 votes that is amazing. Here in India MP seats have about 1 million or more voters.

  17. Not biased at all
    It’s an Advert for the Cons. The party that only fools would vote for

  18. Angela Rayner voted ‘plank of the week’ for the fifth week running! Comrade Starmer is a close second!!

  19. Lol at the out of touch conservatives. It's obvious no-one wants a tory government, even if they drag it out to 2024 it won't change a thing. Election now please

  20. Yay can't wait for another clown government to be in charge in a couple of years nothing will change it will be the same idiots arguing

  21. Time to get rid of the rich supporting right wing Tories. They have never done anything for the working class except make us poorer and the bosses richer.

  22. ชื่อขันธิลา มีศิลป์ Name Kantila Meesin

  23. …the Economy's the cause of the Environment…focusing on the Environment is putting the cart before the horse…

  24. The Reform party is nothing but a scam party, Farage and Tice will do exactly what they did in the last election
    which was to basically sell your votes to the Tories at the last minute. Don't be fooled by these two.

  25. Looks very much like we will have a Labour government in a couple of years though much can happen before then .Still looks like a Labour victory. I detest the system so consider that the continual exchange from one gang of corrupt elitists for the other gang of corrupt elitists for a couple of hundred years is a pointless excersise but go on people go out and vote these elitist back in power . Labour will be in power during a very difficult period and looking at history will be replaced in five or 10 years because of the state of the nation.There could be a difference after the next Labour defeat in that the illegal immigration,civil unrest along with events here and around the world means we elect a far right government with draconian policies much like what has happened in Europe[which will have its own problems by then]. Street demonstrations will continue and may get out of hand . This is dangerous because the elite that control us will feel their position is under threat and react.

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