Sky News Breakfast: ‘Government in meltdown’

Sky’s Anna Jones has the latest from the heart of Westminster as Labour accuses the Government of being “in meltdown”.

It comes as the Chancellor cuts short his trip to the US and is expected to do another U-turn on the mini-budget.


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  1. I cannot believe that officially elected politicians had to fear for their lives while the insurrection was going on. Where was the military of the strongest military power in the world at that time? Where was the police?

  2. news update apparently 13.00hrs ..chancellor sacked…acc to #greghands chancellors return for many reasons..yea to be fired for being inept and not giving a toss about the British public!

  3. This government is so chaotic that two greenpeace protestors were thrown out of their conference for holding up a banner supporting the 2019 tory manifesto that Liz Truss got elected on in respect of fracking.

  4. Who is this person filling in for Kay Burley? Why doesn’t she introduced herself at the beginning of the program? We don’t know her name.

  5. Quasi is not at the summit since he is completely out of his depth for anything more complicated than 1 + 1 = 3.

  6. the whole world knows it…economists…financial experts…tory mp's included…the only ppl in denial are #liztruss #kwarsikwarteng and a few deluded #torygreed mp's…need a u turn on the bankers bonus's for a start!
    the UK is indeed in a meltdown and the inept pm cant see it !
    god? help us!
    #greghands >>> denies the mini budget caused chaos ….absolutely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 …another deluded lying mp…."dont worry Liz..Kwarsi…i will bs the skyteam yet again..I am a tory afterall"
    update vid stating chancellor sacked …just need lt to sack herself now!

  7. No confidence vote NOW. Either have a general election or Nail all conservatives to the Truss Titanic.

  8. During the biggest war Europe has seen in 80 years. Nice dropping the ball UK…………..

  9. Nice reply from Greg….mature and responsible…sometimes the media should shut up and refrain from going after or covering everything…they should mind their own business…and the public does not need to know every detail….

  10. fake economies based on counterfeit currency. fake governments and fake news to keep the sheep in the dark. fake religions to keep them passive

  11. I notice nobody talks much about the killing certain hedge fund people made because of the pound crashing after his budget. Low and behold he changes it a few days later after they had all made a lot of money. Sounds deliberate to me.

  12. Who cares anymore, honestly, no one bothers to sort it so whats the point in it being considered ‘news’ ?

  13. Did anyone believe a word Greg Hands said. And did he believe it, if he did, what disingenuous fraud.

  14. It only took (the dumbest) 26% of the UK population to inflict this shambles on the rest of us, about a third of those eligible to vote.
    Of those who did vote more did so against the Tories than for them but they still managed to get an 80 seat parliamentary majority.
    We don't just need a new government, our electoral system is broken.

  15. Kwasi kwarteng chancellor what a laugh more like a chancer pretending to have skills he doesn't have.

  16. An unaccountable bureacracy…filled with people who have never worked…making legislation for which they don't pay the consequences? What could possibly go wrong?

  17. Unfortunately a lot of governments around the world are melting due to climate change hysteria nonsense and woke politicians God bless fossil fuel ⛽

  18. Excuses excuses excuses get rid of the incompetent bunch of total fools general election please support the working classes and get this loot out now

  19. It's about time Sky invited Captain Hindsight to tell us all how differently his incompetent bunch of plastic socialists would do it!

  20. Kwarteng returned prematurely from G7 conference because his “mini-budget” is refusing to blend in but sticking out behind his bushy lies about the UK financial meltdown is a global phenomena due to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. His cronie like this one in this clip recycles the same lies and insists on the UK market should wait 2 more weeks before crashing again.

  21. How do these MPs show up for interviews and say nothing but excuses and delays – why don't they tell us which lobbyists are actually writing government policies. He tries to exude confidence but he is failing.

  22. A bit of turbulence.. Crazy kwarteng.. Reminds me of the tragic day in 1986.. Nasa.. I think there has been a major malfunction

  23. These people are lying! They blame everything and everyone but never admit to the truth; their system is dying!

  24. Our democracy runs on greed and self interest, and it is we, the voters who are to blame.

  25. I didn't know being PM has so much pressure, just a month being promoted I believe there is much to proof! 😏

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