Sky News Breakfast: England and Wales to face off at Qatar 2022

On Tuesday’s Sky News Breakfast with Kay Burley,

– The battle of Britain… England and Wales prepare to go head-to-head in the first ever home nations World Cup tie

– The golden era is over as Rishi Sunak signals a new approach to China, and criticises Beijing’s crackdown on anti-lockdown protesters

– The government removes a section of its new Online Safety Bill, so that technology firms will no longer have to remove material which is “legal but harmful”

– Russia shells dozens of settlements across southern Ukraine as President Zelenskyy says there have been more than 250 strikes in the past week alone

– Concerns about the cost of Christmas, with a new report suggesting nearly one-in-five of us will be using a food-bank this festive season

– Hawaii’s Big Island shakes as the world’s largest active volcano erupts for the first time in nearly four decades

– And taking the view of the class of ’98, Kay asks former England player Paul Merson about whether the Lions or the Dragons can bring it home this time.

For the latest developments:

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  1. Name Kantila Meesin ชื่อ ขันธิลา มีศิลป์

  2. Well Done 🦁🦁🦁Unlucky🐉🐉🐉😭😭😭Let get behind England!!!💯👏👏👏😎🏆⚠❤

  3. The reporter in Ukraine not the wisest is she. Rape in the Donbass by soldiers/Azov battalion from Ukraine as well. As in all wars.😠👿

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  5. Who will win the World Cup of Wokery? England have the edge with their proven kneeling technique but Wales may just surpise us with a new armband!

  6. Has he forgotten the way he and his cronies behaved toward the Women’s March, following his and his cronies allowance of a known sex offender to work for the MET. Unbelievable levels of hypocrisy

  7. We, the people are going to sort out your so-called prime minister. We are given him and all his mates to P 45 as soon as possible.

  8. Don’t these Chinese people know kung fu? I mean if they know kung fu why aren’t they fighting back against these tyrannical police?

  9. It's always the same ol' story with England, isn't it?
    The English players are well known throughout the world because of the Premier League and each is a celebrity, a star of sort in his own right with infamy all his own. Take for example, that defender from United who was the laughing stock of the Premier League with thousands calling for his ouster but always somehow manages to be at his best for the 3 Lions!
    Next, without their foreign players to back them up, the average English footballer is not that good. There's almost always something lacking in him that comes together whenever they get together under the banner of England. Each player has been analysed carefully to play a certain part but always comes up short. It's almost always like, oh, had there been a Kevin there, a Sallah here or a Virgil to solidify the team then England would have been World Cup winners many times over.
    1966 was a great year but the players of that era and the players of today are really, really very different but the allure of the World Cup as the pinnacle of everything beautiful and good about football has not yet changed a single bit. It is yet to find a set of players from owners of the greatest league in the planet to win it again for ol' Blighty.

  10. Didn't moscow already run out of missiles. Every month we heard, they ran out

  11. What about the British governments own Draconian crack down on environment protesters ?

  12. How dare UK try n say anything about China while its moving diphtheria around the country n passing law to tag protesters

  13. Two nations that are scared too wear an armband while the Iranian players may face the death penalty

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