Sky News Breakfast: Crisis talks for the Chancellor and PM

On Sky News Breakfast with Anna Jones this Friday morning:

– The Chancellor and the Prime Minister are due to have crisis talks – a week after the Mini Budget which has sent shockwaves through the economy.
– At least 12 people are dead and parts of Florida have been destroyed, as Hurricane Ian continues its path of destruction.
– Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares to formerly annex four regions of Ukraine.

#Russia #hurricaneian #minibudget

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  1. 27:47 Sky, please be careful with this. The household energy bill is not capped, it's the unit price. If I leave my heating on during all winter I'd pay much more than 2.500. Please correct.

  2. Andrew is such a liar. 12 years we've had to listen to this sh**e. The minute he said independent OBR, that tells me they are absolutely not independent. People are striking for a fair wage that they have earned. It's ok to give bankers money but not workers, coming after benefits now too. These Tories are absolutely disgusting. Awful human beings. I hate them.

  3. bills are still going up for our gas and electric nationalise our North Sea gas and our electric from renewable and nuclear energy we are able to prevent fears with gas and electric

  4. This is impossible to watch because this woman never shuts up enough to let her guests respond to questions.

  5. When I was young we were alwys told that it was wrong to lie. Now it is an essential skill for getting a top job in government. How times have changed.

  6. The chancellor’s qualifications consist of a polytechnic certificate in hospitality management.
    Not finance, business commerce, accounting, banking or business law.
    So it’s no surprise he’s destroyed the economy so quickly.
    Wonder why he was given the job ?

  7. It is a real shame that mainstream media cannot hold the government to account as strongly as BBC local radio.

  8. IMF and BOE have all stepped in, the "human hand grenade" is no joke. If this carries on, we are unfortunately on track to a horrific economic meltdown.

  9. Yeah I think actually a lot of people do want more rights for striking workers. I don’t think taking out a huge loan and giving it as a carrot for potential investors while using the stick against strikers is going to be popular with the general population.

  10. The UK economic problems will not be solved as long as Bank of England is not independent from the government. Bank of England has become a place where the government help itself to unlimited amount of cash without having any plans how to pay back debts moreover both Government and bank of England can forget the idea of replacing Pound with e-Pound as this will not solve the existing problems.

  11. Both the Chancellor and Truss are totally incompetent and should NEVER be in the positions they are in. These are like dragging people off the street with no experience. Unbelievable how idiots are allowed to control the country. Time to get them out. After Boris, there should have been a General Election, never should it have been internally decided, the people should have decided in a democratic society.

  12. The new government will be the first government in history to collapse within weeks or months after gaining the power.

  13. The fall of the Cabal and their financial system is over. Don't just blame on Lizz. She's inherited a dying system anyway.

  14. Why are we allowing this to continue, we have the power to desolve the goverment, if 60 mp's can get rid of a prime minister, i doubt it would take much to more to get rid of truss. Morgages go from 4% to 11%. The pound is about to completely crash. How much more are we going to accept.

  15. These people never answer the questions they come they say what they wanted 😂😂😂

  16. "REDUCING THE RIGHT TO STRIKE" are they seriously talking about taking away our freedom to say no to our employers? Sounds like slavery!

  17. Andrew Griffith says global interest rates have to a degree, caught up. A Lipstick on a pig fact.
    That's after the NOT INDEPENDENT BoE stepped in by buying unlimited government debt and averted a pension crisis. That lowers interest rates!
    Let's get this right the Bank of England was supposed to do the exact opposite with quantitive tightening, and we should see a significant rise in rates at the next meeting.

  18. Watching this interview shows feeble Anna up against a very articulate person, she allows him to turn, what should have been an " open goal " rough ride for him, to a platform for a Tory Party political broadcast, where the bashing of Labour only underlines his unease of defending the effects of the budget. Ironically He praises the independence of the BOE Tories something the Tory Party railed against making independent, as for emergency meetings with the OBR being such a good idea, really, why hasn't it been a regular event.The OBR could not have given the details of the growth plan, because Kwasi did give them the details, did he expect us to believe this Budget was made without an impact assessment, if so why didn't they just view Sunak's video of Dizzies plans,

  19. Has this guy really just used “removing the right to strike” as a benefit of supporting the conservatives hahahahahaha

  20. Look currency fact up look food price gas price electric price plus cancel tax British people bank crap 😳 🙄 😑

  21. Nurses can get more money doing domiciliary care as seniors than they can get in the NHS. So they do need to do some thing about it. If they don’t raise benefits in-line with inflationary pressures, they are going to put people into poverty. Let’s not forget a lot of people on benefits are actually working. Never mind pensioners and people who are disabled. I agree with getting people into work if they can but in the meantime they do need to be able to feed and heat their homes. Even with the extra help the energy bills are double what they were. So still a struggle for many.

  22. Thank god we have not got labour in No.10! We would be in a REAL mess. The channel migrants would be leaving in boats and going back to France!!

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