Sky News Breakfast: Coffey defends Sunak over COP27

Sky News breakfast with Anna Jones who speaks to Environment Secretary, Therese Coffey, about Rishi Sunak’s decision not to attend this year’s COP27.

Also on the show: more on Elon Musk completing his takeover of Twitter and Northern Ireland is set to have a fresh election before Christmas.

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  1. the conservative party should be abolished by LAW and disbarred from anyone wishing to join it should be made a criminal offence to join the conservative party punished by a custodial prison sentence all this conservative party has done damage to the united kingdom people they must be abolished NOW lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie and then more bias lies

  2. Malaysia will also go to once in 5 yrs general election in mid nov next mth . Plenty of misinformation and cytro fake accounts hired to spread lies and hate across opposition parties on Twitter

  3. “King Charles cares deeply about the environment”. What? Does that include shooting Grouse and Deer? Not sure thats a caring approach to the environment. 🤔

  4. Good on Sunak for not going to COP, no one voted for this net zero agenda in the UK anyway!

  5. Musk's'liberation of Twitter from the Dems is part of a growing conservative movement in the US to restore free speech and protect American democracy by attacks from radical activists, most of whom are in the employ of foreign parties opposed to American ideals. President Trump is the lrading candudate for president in 2024 and it's important that he be able to campaign on Twitter, and that those who oppose him be prevented fron using iit to attack him. Free speech doesn't mean allowing those who support radical socialist ideas such as the 'safety ner', an archaic remnant of 20th century liberalism that has no place in the 21st century. And also to prevent the Dems from spreading disinformation and suppressing the truth. It's important that statements from Dem politicians be reviewed by responsible parties and only allowed if support American ideas such as personal responibiliy and fiscal conservatism.

  6. Coffey was in my Christian Brothers 6th form in Liverpool. Obviously she learnt nothing.

  7. Nothing to do with this video but everything to do with Sky News. I just saw Nancy Pelosi's house being raided segment and they refereed to her as "poor Pelosi". Just before this they had a segment about Twitter where they said by keeping the right wing off Twitter they were making it natural and balanced, does this mean balanced is only the left wing's interests are promoted. Also when referring to Trump Sky News never said it's unfair and censoring free speech when discussing his removal from office. It's clear Sky has a left leaning bias in the UK, in Australia they know how to kick it, Sky News Australia rocks!!

  8. The worst thing that has ever happened to the UK Sunak.

    Sunak is due to sign a trade deal with India. India has around 2 plus Billion population of which only 5 percent are educated. He can destroy our country with immigrants flood us

  9. The worst thing that has ever happened to the UK Sunak.

    Sunak is due to sign a trade deal with India. India has around 2 plus Billion population of which only 5 percent are educated. He can destroy our country with immigrants flood us

  10. Can someone please explain the purpose of Therese Coffey? “I can’t comment on that” “that’s not my area even when it is?” “That’s up to them” “we’ll be looking into that” “as far as I’m aware” “I’m not aware” I could go on all day… a complete and utter waste of time. And why is it that most ministers swap jobs every other week? It’s a bit like the biology teacher who also teaches PE whist standing in for the English teacher… an absolute joke….

  11. Coffey, an expert at using many many words, and yet says very little. Responds to questions by sidestepping, and makes no statements. Instead she waffles on ,repeating others statements, and points of view. Now the Environment Minister all I can say is “God save the farmers” and the rest of us….

  12. If we don`t get off the climate bandwagon people will suffer and the economy will tank, that is already abundantly clear.

  13. I never stopped listening to so many people talking about illegal migration, but the truth is that all these people are terrorizing legal migrants. I am a legal migrant, and I don't remember how many times I was told that my human right are being violated because I am not a British citizen. Even more, I cover all criteria for applying for citizenship and I was practically forbidden, despite watching so many Tories being born abroad. If I have spent here more than the 5 years required to apply for citizenship, I can do it and it is exactly according to the law!
    Well, it doesn't matter anymore! All I am dreaming of at this moment is to be able at least to leave this country. Sometimes I feel like citizenship is forbidden for people because of the perks it provides, like traveling to the US without a visa!

  14. The environment secretary who doesn't care about the environment. She literally is extending a nuclear power station on the beach in her costituency with no regard for energy alternatives.

  15. “Can’t go to COP and fix the mess they’ve caused at home” – why not? Multi-task, take a laptop, use Zoom. Five minutes in the job and it’s too much for him.

  16. There’s no room in this country for the ppl of this country why can we keep accepting migrants and paying for everything for the stop 🛑 this the ppl of this country come first simple as that send everyone back home asap we don’t have room

  17. Here and I thought the Cop27 was all about climate. According to our Labour leader it’s all about the cost of electricity in Leeds and Bradford. Listening to him on the radio this morning he is betraying these folk if he doesn’t go to COP . COP is a talking shop as the last one was in Glasgow a total waste of time. Not sure who this climate problem will be solved

  18. New wrapping, same old government and same old excuses. Twelve years and five prime ministers later we have not moved an inch forwards. What a waste!

  19. Coffey will say anything no matter how stupid as long as it supports her bosses. She really is gross. Interviewer was very weak in her questions.

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