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  1. When it comes down to it, no one really needs a reason…sometimes some people just need to SING…2 gather…🎤😯

  2. why is nobody talking about the part where the koala falls to his doom. Its probaly the most high anixity scene

  3. I have to say llumination is upping their animation BIG time. The use of color, scope and detail looks INCREDIBLE. On par with Pixar if you ask me. The first sing had great animation don’t get me wrong but this THIS looks absolutely gorgeous

  4. As soon as this film gets released into cinemas iam there faster than lightning because I need some happiness again like we all do and illumination never lets me down

  5. This movie is insulting to true U2 fans, who know that they didn't use high tech effects or flashy clothes in the great years.

  6. Was she singing U2? I didn’t even really like the first film but holy shit am I excited now!!!!

  7. This movie looks super promising and I loved the first one. The music and cast selection also amazing. BUT WHY must they show most of the plot points instead of having it revealed once people have seen it. Sure there’s expectations but leave to the imagination til it releases.

  8. The trailers have revealed 70% of the storyline. I predict the music group will lie they know and can get the popular lion musician to join their group to compete in a national/international music contest but will fail (for reasons the popular lion musician will keep a secret) to do so while going through personal challenges. These challenges will help them grow and be more confident in their own skills. On the day of the music contest, they will think all hope is lost but will eventually realise they don't need the popular musician to show their great skills/talent they have learned through the challenges. Eventually at the dying minute, the popular musician will also overcome his fears/the reason he didn't want to join the group initially and then join the music group making them to win the contest. It won't be so different from my prediction

  9. I'm actually more confused about the plot than I was before I watched this trailer what the hell is going on

  10. They’ve taken out Mike?! He’s my favourite character from the first movie and he had some of the best music!!

  11. Scarlett and Bono sound so perfect together. And Johnny's scene with his ex-dance teacher looks intense.

  12. Slightly upset that we see when everything works out in this trailer. Ya oviously its going to work out in the end, but the could have atleast kept it a secret on how it was going to play out.

  13. I really like the second trailer for Sing 2 and I am so looking forward to watching the film at the Cinema

  14. I knew Jimmy Crystal was planning to try and hurt Buster!!! We all saw how he let go of him during the show, but it’s a good thing too, because we also saw that Rosita saw him falling, so maybe she conquers her fear of heights by saving Buster.

  15. Apparently bts are gna feature here somewhere ?? Ngl I got high hopes for this movie, especially with all the Shawn Mendes songs 😩

  16. 1:441:46 Johnny: Bring it on, because I'm NOT backing down.

    Edit: I just can't help myself but replay the entrance of Calloway and Johnny's stand.

  17. 0:04 Ash star

    0:54 Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls please welcome the great rock musician and singer clay calloway

    1:43 big daddy is back He finished his sentence and he was free now to cheer Johnny on at that time it would be perfect for him to shout JOHNNY MY SON YOU CANNOT GIVE UP

    1:46 a warrior never gives up now johnny faces his teacher

    1:55 How romantic when Alfonso raises meena I hope that the mother of meena and the grandparents have come to encourage meena and accept Alfonso

    1:59 NOOO 😭😭😭😭

    2:00 Come on Rosita, you can save the buster, don't let fear stop you

    2:04 So that teaches him no one messes with Johnny

  18. Stop it illumination because this was a damn good trailer but we know that you showed al the best parts we know the emotional drive we were promised would just be %90 stupid fart jokes so please stop lying to us