1. I feel like all that’s missing is Jason Segal (Not Harrison Ford) saying “Give me back my family!” and throw in a hostage situation…

  2. $500 an hour to listen to people's problems and say "And how does that make you feel?". I call that a scam.

  3. I thought it looked pretty good until they made the race joke. Then I remembered that Hollywood hates a certain segment of the population. I'll just save my money, thanks.

  4. This looks like exactly what we all need ❤️. Jason, so great to see you back 🙏

  5. Bronco!!! i'm in. you think Harrison FORD will drive the Ford? i wonder. excited to find out.

  6. Shrinking? I'll tell you what's shrinking – the audience for this kind of bland normie drivel.

  7. Is it me or this looks like an American version of Ricky Gervais "After Life". Instead of a journalist, he's a shrink.

  8. pretty good trailer and then they throw in the white guy joke at the end. apple just cant help but be woke.

  9. nothing could make you laugh and cry quite like scrubs, and this appears to have both those traits…

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