1. Disney, Charlie Cox Dare Devil is Prefect ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Go back to the writers of the original three seasons and build on that formula. The entire original series nailed every aspect of that show. We need more. Ps. Same goes for the Punisher 💀

  2. Oh look they assassinated Daredevils character….. and the cgi just gets worse… are they actively trying to ruin marvel or somthing?

  3. I'm astonished anyone could like the Disney portrayal of Daredevil here. His character felt like a joke, but then again, this whole show is a joke so maybe that's fitting

  4. Fuck Disney and fuck there shit as shows. Daredevil will be week as piss and have nothing on the original Netflix series 😑 great 👍 god dam fucking Disney

  5. She-Hulk is another bad Marvel series. Everything after Avengers Endgame they did is very very bad.

  6. Disney Marvel has this "filter" that just makes all the characters "funnier" and "less serious". Kingpin got that stupid red Hawaii shirt under his white suit, and Daredevil became "just another marvel hero".
    It's almost sad how most people don't even realize this, those audiences are letting them do this to the things we used to love.

  7. And people are saying this show isn't good? The writing in these scenes was top notch. Nothing more riveting than a lighthearted Matt Murdock and a ManBull/Swashbuckler duo with quips. Ugh…

  8. It's when 40 y o adults are joking like 12 y o kids, cause these 40 y o adults got very low IQ. (I'm talking about writers of this show)

  9. The only good scene in the entire show and then you ruin it with a different scene right after, for what? Marketing? Still not gonna watch

  10. That was CW’s The Flash level bad on CGI. I also like how he leaped off and away from the building but when we see him he’s somehow back on the building and climbing down like he’s Spiderman. That doesn’t make any sense.

  11. This is exactly what Bruce is afraid. Jen is becoming arrogant cause of her powers. She's blinded, over-confident one sided.

  12. You guys keep forgetting that DAREDEVIL HAS HEIGHTENED SENSES!!!!!!
    so its actually possible that he makes moves like spider man,and i dont see anything wrong in how they fought,on normal circumstances based on strength…..SHE-HULK will crush him,so he definitely has to change the dynamics of the fight by applying all his sense into the fight…….give DISNEY some credit they did WELL!!!.

    but i will always love NETFLIX'S version of DAREDEVIL…..its second to none…🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. ima miss the real fighting scenes but damn do the acrobatics look clean😭its a downside im willing to take if we see him pull crazy stuff

  14. I was very happy to see Matt being his charming and lighthearted self again just like in the beginning. It's been so dark for him since the middle of S1 to the latest one that I almost forgot he's originally goofy and a little bit of a flirt. It was nice to see him smile and have good things again. I assume that things have been great for him since the trio regrouped. Can't wait for Daredevil Born Again.

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