1. This has been the most office trailer and disgraceful trailer and cringe trailer that I've ever seen the only way I would actually continue to even give this my attention is that they keep Daredevil radar they have to keep him made it off for me to come back because as I'm speaking I have stopped watching a short episode 3. Plus she is contradicting everything that she has said supposedly happened to her.

  2. Love seeing Matt back in costume with an new suit no less shame we have to wait until 2024 for Daredevil born again but will be worth the wait. Wish he could have suited up again in No Way Home too.

  3. I have to say She Hulk has been meh for me so far but I really enjoyed episode 4. Wong watching Sopranos, Madisynn was hilarious too. We all know that one drunk but always fun chick lol. Wongers! Lmao

  4. I’m sur daredevil will be just as bad ass as in the Netflix series, oh maybe they can make the punisher a mental health advocate and social worker when they bring him back

  5. did they forget first bruce nickname chat in incredible hulk was Mr. Green.. so, Ms. Green not too bad

  6. i pray to god there will be no season 2! This Show is so awfull and it sucks. Marvel is not really good in Phase 4!!! And this is the worst Series so far.

  7. So excited to finally see daredevil on screen again, even if it is a small screen, and not even in his own show. We are also probably not gonna see him in action a lot, considering it isn't his show, and he's basically just a cameo. Can't wait for him to lecture Jen for being an idiot.

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