SHE-HULK "Hulk VS Abomination" Trailer (2022)

SHE-HULK “Hulk VS Abomination” Trailer (2022) She Hulk, Marvel
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  1. This was cringe worthy. I love Mark Ruffalo, but his hulk can’t even remotely compare to Edward Nortons Hulk.
    Give us the dark hulk yo.
    Give us Edward Norton

  2. Where was the Abomination? He was seen for what, 2 secs? This is false advertising and we should get the She Hulk to represent us in a class action lawsuit. Yeah, you suck if you cannot produce what your click bait title says.

  3. I wish you fucking crybaby men will learn that not everything’s about you someday if you don’t like the show don’t fucking watch clips about it on youtube

  4. I hope there will be some last words from at least one character. You know, they are in all the MCU media, I expect there are some here too.

  5. For the people who didn't watch She-Hulk series, but they watched that trailer.
    DEEP breath and count to 20….sloooowly !
    You just saw the newest Hollywood scam and It's NOT what you think it is.
    Meet the She-Talk !
    EV Rated = EXTREMELY Vaginal.
    IQ Ratings of 70.
    If ,,your" IQ is above that number, it would be not safe for you to watch this series.

  6. MCU dumbed down the art of filmaking. made audience today so much dumber. no more movies that'll make you think…sigh

  7. Could this mean abomination was bad the whole time and was only pretending to be a good guy to get out of prison? Or maybe this will be them just joking about which wouldn't surprise me.

  8. 38:35 Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how much time and work she put into these videos?
    It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that

  9. why u all crying? mcu NEVERR was a high intelligent, well produce or a good adapation…she-hulk is on brand with the low level cinematic marvel studios.
    Or u think thanos is a thoughtful well written character?

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