SHE-HULK – 4 Minutes Trailers (2022)

Official She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Series Trailer Compilation 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | Tatiana Maslany Series Trailer | Disney+: 17 Aug 2022 | More
Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Bruce Banner, acquires Hulk-like qualities.

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) is the new science fiction movie starring Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong.

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  1. We ALLLLLLL know hulk is stronger 🤣 femenizing men and making women more masculin typical Disney garbage 💀😂 we get it!!! You
    feminist and feminist supporters/lgbtq supporters think your above all men, quit shoving it down our throats lmfao cus I'm still not watching the crap you are producing. Destroying other people's creation to make your point doesn't make you shit js and I hope anyway who's like this reads it well… I liked how shehulk was back then, I used watch the show hulk all the time and I loved her character but what they're doing to her now is just unacceptable. ..

  2. Okay. There's room for everyone here but have we decommissioned the HULK? or will we get this angry brute back in the future. She Hulk I look forward to. I hope this one pays off… 🤞

  3. side effects of feminism,😂 we will see more female and LGBT characters now[]

  4. Why marvel become comedy movie producers? Start from Thor… Worst marvel movie action (read: comedy) ever.

  5. What a “surprise” – another Disney movie with a female lead inexplicably more skilled, stronger, etc. than her male equivalent (Hulk) without first enduring struggles, setbacks & failures. Looks like a green version of Star Wars character Rey. I’m sure the movie will make Disney money but all they’ve created is another forgettable character.

  6. The incredible hulk is what people wanted, not this shitty professor hulk…

  7. Now they’re just messing things up. The CGI doesn’t look good. Not looking forward to this at all. And a 4min trailer??? That spells desperation.

  8. Wong is back yaaaaaaaay it's been like a month ago he was in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

  9. Some of yall dont know anything about the character She-hulk and it shows in these comments.

  10. .
    Is that MATT MURDOCK tumbling in, with his two short sticks ? That would be nice, two Souper lawyers together!

  11. Marvel wale ab chutiyapa shuru kar diya thor ka she thor bhi ho gya , ab hulk ka she hulk bhi ho gya, sab k sab chutiya pa comedy…shuru marvel ends start ho gya

  12. How does it keep getting worse with these woke, virtue signalling, man hating feminist, gender ideology pieces of crap that Hollywood keeps shiting out?

  13. I'll give it a chance. She might be one of the best actors they ever hired, hopefully the script is up to the task.

  14. Uncanny valley galore. I'm sorry I absolutely love Tatiana Maslany but this looks bad. Shrek-level mouth animation.

  15. Two of the strongest Avengers have became total jokes now. I don't agree with Mauler completely but everyday pass his statement about MCU makes more and more sense. "Phase 4 isn't passing of the torch, it's the torching of the past". Have fun in phase 5 M-She-U

  16. People act like Professor Hulk isnt supposed to be level headed and not all smashy smashy. He’s just Bruce Banner but with strength now. He has no uncontrollable rage because it’s just Banner not Hulk

  17. Looks like a childrens 90's animation. This is surely the end of all the nonsense. Not to mention the ridicuousness of the DIE b.s.

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