SHAZAM 2 Final Trailer (2023) New Footage | 4K UHD

SHAZAM 2 Final Trailer (2023) New Footage | 4K UHD
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  1. Lul they seriously dumb for not making adam the main villain. Looks boring except for gen z just watch

  2. Who cares anymore! And then everything will restart. Not a single dc movie makes sense anymore

  3. First sorry for the bad english… im a marvel fun but i like dc also , but u know what if they dont make monay they dont even try to make the DC better in next movies they just start again from the beggining….

  4. Everyone can be a superhero or villian now, even a granny called Helen Mirren, This is so so bad that its now a annoying as the transformers franchise.

  5. The movie ain't out yet and I can guess a lot from this trailer
    So basically all the kids will lose their powers except Billy

  6. What a horrible decision to not have Black Adam as the main antagonist, make it make sense

  7. I wish they would show a new one called Shazam vs black Adam just like the one they did for Batman vs Superman

  8. Nice except the one line from that drake song being repeated like it was going out of style…

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