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  1. Teenagers: let's have some fun in the middle of the ocean riding jet skis

    Shark: What the f-ck is wrong with you guys

  2. So full movie was in this trailer. every kill speed up and ending scene…
    Way to kill any reason to watch the movie…

  3. I miss the older shark movies like the shark attack series nd the last shark. Thanks to open water nd Sharknado all you get is people stranded out at sea or some retarded bullshit that some dumbass thought wpuld be funny

  4. One of those films where you hate the characters so much that you hope the shark eats them all. One second of screen time was enough to start hating these vapid little sh-theads instantly.

  5. Having viewed the trailer, what remains to be enjoyed from the film? I'm with the sharks on this one.

  6. We have seen this tons of times some teens get drunk go out in the ocean engine stops shark comes out of nowhere and circles the vechile

    Its getting boring
    Im gonna skip this one.

  7. “This is awesome! We’ve got nothing but miles and miles of open ocean in front of us, for just these two little jet skis!”
    <Jet skis crash into each other>

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