See How Kate Middleton Reacted to a Heckler During a Walkabout in Northern Ireland | PEOPLE

Kate Middleton faced an uncomfortable situation during a walkabout during her visit to Northern Ireland with Prince William.

During a walkabout outside Carrickfergus Castle on Thursday, the Princess of Wales greeted well-wishers. However, when she reached out to shake the hand of one woman who was recording the encounter on her phone, the woman took her hand and appeared to tell the royal, “Nice to meet you, but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country.”

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See How Kate Middleton Reacted to a Heckler During a Walkabout in Northern Ireland | PEOPLE



  1. That remark only shows a person's lack of wisdom and compassion, as the Prince and Princess were there for humanitarian issues.

  2. The royals are politically neutral , this woman should know this . The fact they were in Belfast , Northern Ireland , UK ! Shows how silly this woman is ! Why would they not visit another country in the UK . NI and RI still have issues despite all the treaties and peace keeping talks !

  3. that way royal not greeting privately this royal doing a big mistake by coming too close to ppl.

  4. They were in Northern Ireland NOT Ireland ( the Republic of Ireland ) and we are still part of the UK.

  5. Never mind that rude woman Kate Princess of Wales showed class and kindness hooray for her

  6. Silly woman the heckler. The young couple is not responsible for decisions made decade's ago.

  7. I am Irish. The people of Northern Ireland if they do not want to be part of Britan ,they should not accept any financial benefits.

  8. The woman is wrong, Kate Middleton is in Northern Ireland not Ireland. The stupid woman should wise up and stop living in the past, the prince and princess are only visiting, Northern Ireland is for the Northern Irish, Ireland (republic) is for the Irish.

  9. The stupid woman queued for hours, made a vacuous comment and recorded it! If she was so offended by the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales she should have boycotted them and stayed at home. Just a pathetic hypocrite wanting her 15 minutes of fame. Kate was a class act and did not react.

  10. I wish Princess Catherine had smiled and told her “have another pint of Guinness”

    If you want to be taken seriously as a Factual YouTube Channel, then start with getting The Princess of Wales' name correct!
    Her name is: "CATHERINE"
    Not "Kate" she has NEVER gone by "Kate"
    She & Prince William, both have repeatedly requested that people use "CATHERINE" instead of the Nickname that the PRESS have given her, before they were married! Since she & Prince William have been married for over Eleven Years, she doesn't go by "Middleton", either! Until recently she has been known as "HRH The Duchess of Cambridge"!
    Show some Respect & use her proper name, Style & Titles!

  12. Poor security. They should erase the video clip of the woman in green. Take better care of princess Catherine , she is the jewel in the crown.

  13. I'M a perfectly agree with the lady. northern ireland should belong ireland or to be totally independent state without any connections to uk and its coloanialism. these are all relics from british empire and when uk was still a "big" country., which iits isn't anymore.. today's world coloanilism or commonwealth doesn't belong anymore. in my point of view, countries like australia, canada and new zealand should be totally independent states, without any connections to uk. except only in diplomatic level, like normal countries.

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