SECRET INVASION Trailer (2023) Marvel

SECRET INVASION Trailer (2023) Marvel

Fury and Talos try to stop the Skrulls who have infiltrated the highest spheres of the Marvel Universe.

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  1. Rhody is a skrull falcon is a skrull Bucky Barnes is a skrull Doctor Strange is a skrull Bruce banner is a skrull thor is a skrull Spider-Man is a skrull everyone you know has been compromised every government in the world is victim to the invasion Nick fury has no idea how widespread the secret invasion has become

  2. James Rhodes is a skrull he already knows his security are skrulls because he’s one to that’s why he acts oblivious to fury’s question

  3. Yes! Finally. I was getting tired of the forced jokes and air headed characters. Bringing back the seriousness and good story telling

  4. Sure that was the peacehall in Halifax from the West Yorkshire shoot] being blown up in that trailer…

  5. <whispers> …it's the Krulls.
    Too bad they already undermined the menace of the Krulls in 'Captain Marvel'.

  6. Ooh a few new very famous faces in this. Seems everyone must have a Marvel project on their resume these days lol. And I preferred him with the eye patch.

  7. Yes this is all the story is about is nick fury against the skrulls and they don’t have a single avenger imposter that’s gonna be stupid as fuck in the comics every hero was a skrull from this trailer this looks like the most low budget thing I have ever seen i’m not going to watch a great story like the secret invasion we shit on like that I will only watch that show if I see any of the heroes show up I am so tired of the MCU destroying Great stories with terrible actors or half ass Jobs like inhumans IMAX that was the most low budget thing I have seen since the bill Bixby hulk when you watch the movies like Eric Bana Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo Bill Bixby‘s hulk is just embarrassing don’t get me wrong Bill Bixby was the best Bruce Banner but his hulk was the worst thing I’ve ever seen

  8. Feels still kinda meh, knowing neither spiderman, cap or ironman will appear, i mean we no longer got anyone we really cheer for

  9. Happy to see we're moving away from the whole Skrull refugee thing. Make them the bad aliens they were meant to be.

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