Sea Wolf | PART 2 of 2 | FULL MOVIE (2011) | Action, Neve Campbell

Sea Wolf Part 2: The Sea Wolf follows the exploits of the notorious Captain Wolf Larson who engages young castaway Humphrey Van Wyden in a brutal game of psychological warfare. But when Humphrey is hardened into an adversary every bit as unyielding, the stakes between them are raised.

Starring Sebastian Koch, Stephen Campbell Moore, Neve Campbell, Tim Roth, Andrew Jackson, Peter MacNeill, Julian Richings
Directed by Mike Barker

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  1. excellent movie with great storytelling!! Enjoy!

    once you're into it, you don't even notice the length.

  2. I love this kind of movies because I grew up on the ocean Pacific my first 16 years of life I love the ocean and thinking to die in the ocean where I'm belongs now I'm 59 years old and getting ready to rest on the ocean

  3. Terrific acting….excellent movie. Only exception is the violence in part one. Would watch it again. Sebastián very good actor.

  4. Extremely violent without much meaning. The seal scenes were horrible and beating/almost killing crewman for no good reason when their able bodies were needed was nonsensical. Their father failed to teach them anything of worth.

  5. The movie is excellent – I saw the German version with Raimund Harmstorff in the 70s in Europe. But if you want to be really entertained and "amused" – switch on the subtitles – CC: Quote: Mr. van wyden (mister winner) and he's thinking about disobeying orders (odors). 12:18 he repeats the order to put up all sails: "put up wholesale".

  6. IN the book, what they say at his burial: Farewell proud spirit. Saying, "you bastard" is a completely false note.

  7. What a stupid movie… But I do give credit to the actors for a job well done regardless of the story nonsense.

  8. The movie has a very misandry take since the only time that the captain was lethally challenged was when the woman was in danger, despite all the atrocities that he did to the men.

  9. To much brutality between all those man.. .Definitively the woman presences change mans and
    influences at mans behaviours.

  10. Pretty much like Cain & Abel. The two brothers were demons of Satan. When you ask The Lord God to teach you the truth then you learn to SEE what this earth is really all about. The Lord God anointed a man to be His prophet here now in this end-time we've all been living in to speak and teach the truth for Him. The truth is out now and I hope everyone seeks it.

  11. to me the most satisfying thing about this series is Death Larsen and the Macedonia. in the novel we dont get to see who death larsen is or what happened when the macedonia catches up to the ghost. Wolf Larsen and Death Larsen were perfectly cast as was everyone else. this is the very best version that anyone has done. Thank You for posting this…

  12. I would like to say that the second part of the movie was extraordinary I enjoyed every part I would like to thank the writer and for those who wrote the script thank you once again for such an amazing movie.

  13. It does draw you in like a good novel! Good story/movie. Couldn't go to bed without finishing it!!

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