Sea of Troubles | Champion Reveal Trailer | Marvel Contest of Champions

Wakanda is under siege! Shuri rises to defend against this brand new threat in this new Champion Reveal Trailer! Play Marvel Contest of Champions to defend Wakanda!

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Download Sea of Troubles | Champion Reveal Trailer | Marvel Contest of Champions Here


  1. So spoil the movie with a mobile game ad…. That's fantastic, they have no confidence in Black Panther 2 obviously

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  5. Uninstalled this game about 1.5 years ago, and hearing around forums that it has not improved over the years. Making players powerful by the amount of $ they spend isn't a great strategy to rope in new players. I bet you, no new players may get Shuri in their roster.

  6. Why chest opening is so bad? 82% chance of getting 2★ character. Can't get 4★ 5★ 6★. Can't increase star. Always get the same 2★ characters. I'll play for a month. Then delete the game, so bad rng.
    And energy is so low, can't even play full mission. Energy ends too quickly.

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