1. Looking at Jenna Ortega here and then on Wednesday, what a transformation! Here's she's just a everyday girl and then you look at Wednesday she's completely someone else. I didn't see any Jenna Ortega on Wednesday Addams, it's 100% Wednesday goodness!

  2. The only franchise that after decades remained to be relevant and entertaining, the weakest parts were the second and third movie but Scream 4 was a decent slasher and Scream 5, as for me, the best ever since the 1996 version!

  3. Im hoping that Kruger or Pinhead is under the mask. How else can you switch up the old chase and murder?

  4. This Version Of ghostface feels like He has had enough With Sidney's Friends and family so he instead Of going Full Sadistic Joyful And now going Full on Hatred and just wants to end it all

  5. Since Stu actually was supposed to come back to one of the Scream films but they went with a different script, i so badly want this to be Stu behind the mask

  6. It stinks Sidney and Dwight will probably not be in this one at all, but a sixth installment to this franchise will I know still be good given that we’re focusing on new characters and it takes place in Manhattan, meaning the stakes are much higher.

  7. Imagine if she just shot at the door instead of warning him first that she was going to shoot him in the head 🤔😝

  8. The biggest horror in this movie is looking at Courteney Cox's face. Why people just can't get old naturally?

  9. If this is Stu then Billy's ghost will surely return in this as well to help Sam

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