Scary Arena Game | Alice in Borderland Season 2 | Netflix India

Will she survive? 😨

Watch the saga of death game in Alice in Borderland Season 2, now streaming only on Netflix

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  1. People say that this game is too difficult to have a seven. However the field is very close to the exit since it’s in the middle. If they had a different starting point that is farther from the exit then the stakes would be more difficult.

  2. We don't want season 3.
    The Ending was perfect.
    Don't mess it up by extending without source material.

  3. u guys blocked me in ur shorts channel because i was criticizing u and sharing my opinions, u dont know what i can do and how i will share this behavior with everyone and with authority who see consumer rights

  4. I watched the first season very well and was looking forward to the second season, but the second season was worse than the first. I didn't like it at all

  5. U guys should make Indian romantic type content also for girls which has very strong fantasy attractive energy like those 90s srk movies which was very entertaining even for guys. But make it with zero west influence like most of ur content. I know u r not making it because u want to sell ur KR romantic drama to female demographic, especially the new generation, main sab samajta hoon tum logo ki chalaki

  6. We want Hindi translation Netflix you are a h*ll sh*t you took 199 Rupees and don't even translate in Hindi fk ur Netflix team

  7. Can't wait for season 3🔥 Alice in Borderland is an epic series. A must watch for everyone❤️

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