SCARLET WITCH #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics

The Scarlet Witch will return in January in a brand-new ongoing solo series!

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Download SCARLET WITCH #1 Trailer | Marvel Comics Here


  1. Please make this a regular thing now I'm happy to see the character I grew up on finally get more solo entries besides being a side character. 🥲
    I just hope we get to see emerald warlock again he was really a great character

  2. Except for Wanda looking like DC Starfire with that hair in action, sounds amazing 😍

  3. Is there any reference about who stronger between wanda scarlet witch and phoenix jean grey ?

  4. I've never read the comics, so can someone please explain why her magic is coming from her hair?

  5. This should have been Wandavision season 2. After Westview and Multiverse of Madness she goes on an arc to redeem herself by using her powers to save lives. Actual redemption. Maybe we'll get something like that after 'children's crusade'.

  6. her power now has glitter effect? wow they really should show here how powerful chaos magic ,so excited for this

  7. So excited for this!!! Her design looks great and i love how they made her and pietro's skin darker to expand more of this romani feature. Will def be reading!

  8. Hopefully they make her Magneto's daughter again. It was terrible how they changed that origin over movie rights.

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