SAS Rogue Heroes actor Tom Glynn-Carney meets 102-year-old war hero 必 | The One Show – BBC

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Tom Glynn-Carney (House of The Dragon, Dunkirk) takes us behind the scenes of new BBC drama SAS Rogue Heroes and meets 102-year-old Mike Sadler, who his character is based on.

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  1. What an amazing man,i met a guy from the LRDG years ago now and you would never believe that this guy sitting in front of me did what he did,incredible.

  2. I'd wager the SAS Originals never thought the SAS would evolve to become the most famous and respected regiment on Earth.

  3. Nice thing to do Tom. – Was a pleasure working with you. Your little Chevy is still around. Parked up, waiting patiently. )) Robert.

  4. Learn n feel the wind Warley hospital rip mum n dad n nanna n grandad Parker xxxxx

  5. My dad was one of the last grenadier s on national service n my nanna diagnosed PTSD x

  6. There are some people who are born with an extra something. A gift of music, of art, sports, math. Mike seems to have arrived with a nack for being able to sort out where he is. And where he's going. I can just about figure out which way is up. Mike would be darn useful to have around.

  7. I object to the term "war hero". By what virtue is one a war hero? Having fought for the side that won? Were he German, people would be vilifying him. You British are only capable of viewing your history through rose tinted glasses. It's pathetic.

  8. all i have to say is what a remarkable man he was, however surely the average Aussie roo dog, in those times had more mateship in his little toe than most of the British army, and long arduous patrols with no support is the norm for an australian. eg rats of Tobruk.

  9. Brings a tear to my eye, ,After the Germans had caught them resting up one night Mike and a few others ,( they had been in their bags sleeping) escaped with no food or water, luckely still wearing boots, and luckier still, comming across a goat herder who gave them a small bladder of water and a few dates. That little walk across the desert he mentioned was over 100 miles. eventially came across a French camp. We will never see the likes of Mike and his mates again, Thank you for your service .

  10. Gorilla warfare is the only warfare! So take hard drinking rough fighting rejects and tell them everything we need we will steal from the enemy as we kill them! I mean really who wouldn't sign up! True they did fail with the parachutes but when they discovered fast attack vehicles tactics they became unstoppable! Truly one for the history books! Before Americans got involved British had their hands full and did a great job but the sas made so much of it possible because it hard to do anything with German dive bombers hitting you everyday! They dared to win and did!

  11. What a handsome pair of lads! How amazing to live through all that and survive to 102.
    An aunty – all my mums wartime nursing friends were aunts – was in an ambulance driving through the desert behind her fianc矇s Jeep when it hit a landline and he was killed right in front of her. She never married.

  12. Heart breaking being blind he couldnt watch the series. A pet heate I have in life is people using the term legend to loosly. Like buying a workmate a coffee and getting called a legend. Its just a coffee. This guy, is a LEGEND

  13. These early SAS guys, tough ass SOBs, and i mean this in the most respectful way.
    I am glad some special forces here are founded on the same principle, and even to this very day if they play war games, SAS are often the people they play with
    It is pretty simple really if you play with the best you become the best.
    Always punch upwards.

  14. When the chaps in the old photos look like some variation of Cpt. Price from CoD you know theyre absolute badasses

  15. If there was anyone who deserves a knighthood then it is Mike Sadler. Stirling as he deserved got the recognition for forming the SAS but if it wasn't for Mike Sadler the SAS would not have survived. Read his military history and it something that you would think is fiction if it wasn't totally true. He was with Stirling when he was caught but walked another 2 men out of the desert over 5 days with no map but using his navigation skills to meet up with the Americans approx 100 miles away. Stirling and Mayne have gone down in history as forming the SAS and it's history but if it wasn't for Mike Sadler there wouldn't have been the Special Air Service Brigade in WW2.

  16. I bet theres some current and former SAS men who dont like shows and books like this coming out even if its about things that happened 60-70 years ago.

  17. We as a country need to live up to ideals that these heroes fought for , I feel ashamed sometimes at what we have become in the face of such self sacrifice

  18. When I pay my taxes I want it going to vets and future warriors of this country. Is that so hard to do ffs??! Mike is an incredible man with a unbelievable past. God bless him

  19. No wonder my dad had negative things to say about the English. It is all coming out now. Apparently the SAS stole equipment from the New Zealanders, and of course killed them. My dad was wounded, robbed and left to die by the English. Of the 45 wounded, he was the only one who made it to Cairo. i

  20. Sir you remain an inspiration and example to us all. Thank you. My Dad and Grandad both served in the desert, and they would have loved this.

  21. How many of us, today, would leave our home, our farm, our country, to fight for what is right? How many of us would serve the Allies? Mike Sadler, a genuine hero of true valor, is originally from South Africa. He was with the LRDG, then switched to helped David Stirling newly formed SAS. Again, I often wonder, would we do what they did to win a war? Ive written extensively on this topic of the SAS and LRDG, and I am still at a loss- where did a man like Mike Sadler summon such courage and brilliance to navigate the Sand Sea? – Alex David author of London to Cairo trilogy.

  22. Great series don't know why it got so much hate personally the action, effects, nuances are nothing and secondary to the overall message which is commendable, let's shine a light and tip our glasses to great men who helped to tip the war in our favour and learn a little about who they were, what became of them, that to me is worth my time. People forget this sometimes when pouring the hate.

  23. Chilling. My throat swelled up and I got goosebumps. Frightening missions is history to be respected. People go through so much.

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