Salt Beef & Rye - A History Of Brick Lane | Full Documentary Movies | The Midnight Screening

This vibrant documentary is inspired by the colourful characters who frequent the world famous Brick Lane. London’s reputation as the cultural hub of the world can be attributed in part to its deep-rooted history and diverse communities. Salt Beef & Rye takes audiences on a tour through one of the city’s most influential streets. Hunting ground for the notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, the infamous crime bosses, the Kray brothers and breeding ground for many of the nation’s political uprisings. Combining personal observations from those who call Brick Lane home with historical footage, the film paints a vibrate picture of a little street in a large city with a world of influence.

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14 thoughts on “Salt Beef & Rye – A History Of Brick Lane | Full Documentary Movies | The Midnight Screening”
  1. Overall a good documentary, but conflating historical immigration to the mass immigration since 1948 is a false equivalent.
    Also, as far as I'm aware the EDL have only ever held peaceful rallies and demonstrations, which the Left have attacked violently time and time again spurred on by the mainstream media whipping up tensions.

  2. Fantastic documentary! 👏
    multiculturalism is brilliant. If you can’t get along with all the beautiful cultures then there’s something wrong with you as a human being.

  3. failed by Cressida Dick and her pathetic superior family. The Windsors have disgraced the knowledge handed down to them through the anointed man. science has its way to rape and inflict damage on people. The under hand tactic when the anointed man connected to the source he fasted from. The ego of the family that claim the anointing of man through paperwork went out of control. The dis-ease was a good enough reason to hide the truth. not even the number 19 should be able to change the name given by Rome. The worship of money became to overwhelming to embrace the truth.

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