Rosie Jones addresses the disabled elephant in the room | Live At The Apollo – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 At the forefront of its genre, the roll call of stand-ups who have performed in front of the famous Live at the Apollo lights plays out like a who’s who of comedic royalty, and this series is no different. Each episode sees a national (and sometimes international!) stand-up both compering and performing, before introducing two of the best established and up-coming stand-ups to the stage.

This episode is hosted by the inimitable Tom Allen, who introduces the fantastic Rosie Jones to the world-famous Apollo stage.

Live At The Apollo | Series 15 Episode 1 | BBC

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  1. Very difficult to watch, another comedian who was promoted to meet tge diversity and inclusively quotas. You might disagree about me nitpicking on that, but you have to admit this whole act is about her disability

  2. I really don't find her funny, not wanting to cause any offence in any way but I just don't get the appeal, I do think it's fantastic someone with a disability is this successful and I've really tried to enjoy her act but I just can't.

  3. I guess she’s funny if you find Jo Brand funny . Jo Brand is about as funny as cancer

  4. She’s got cerebral palsy that’s why she can’t speak clearly and can’t stand straight and can’t even walk normally

  5. Apparently, Rosie wasn't going to be a comedian, because she said the audience would get to the punchline before she did.

    However, she then realised she could use her slow talking to her own advantage. A joke usually consists of leading people down one path, then revealing a second one they didn't see coming. With Rosie, she reveals a THIRD path, because some of her jokes you think you know what she's going to say, but she's even more subversive than you expect.

  6. Rosie Jones is just as adorable as she is hilarious! She’s definitely going places (at least once the pandemic is over)!

  7. Koooooool 👍,u go Girl 🙏🏼🙏🏽👍🏼✌🏼👌🏼💯😳⭐

  8. She’s outstanding, love her act, so confrontational but brilliantly funny as well

  9. I worked with Rosie when she was at Uni. I always knew she'd go far, but I thought it would be through her writing, which is every bit as amazing as her comedy.

  10. Amazing funny lady!! Well done, keep it up, you're doing great!
    One thing though. I can't understand her very well. It's not her disability it's her British accent!! Seriously I can't even understand Ozzy Osbourne!! No offense folks, I have a mid West accent and people from the south can't understand me.
    Doesn't matter, we are all family in this world!

  11. Beautiful. Brave. I’m still coming out of being very prone to sleep off my stress rather than be active after my mother’s death and a human trafficking attempt — due to additional covid-related stressors in having been targeted by gangs of rapists while rendering aid outside. I’m happy for this comedienne’s mobility. Sometimes those of us otherwise fully capable deal with incapacitating stressors. Sometimes we fight through physical problems and have a strong mind. The last time this happened to me I literally slept two hours in a strange trance and avoided one of the most historically difficult traffic accidents on a Louisiana thoroughfare. I render what aid I can to Uganda, Nigeria and the Gambia when I am awake, often from bed, feeling the stress of starving people governments ignore. I get up for about two hours of activity a day. The only thing stopping me is this overwhelming “vibe” of suffering. But we’re getting more orphanages registered which eventually might mean UN, UNICEF or other organizational attention. It’s hard to fight a culture of corruption one group of 125 abandoned children at a time. We got some club foot surgeries in. That’s a plus. I might finally finish getting my film distribution if I ever get five minutes without an orphanage calling or texting me for something.

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