Robocop Vs. Terminator Gameplay (2020) MORTAL KOMBAT 11: AFTERMATH

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  1. 旧バージョンが1番馴染み深いけど、是非とも新作バージョンのロボコップを見てみたい

  2. Wonder🤔 if they will ever make the Robocop VS Terminator live action Movie🔥💰!!?? Could be really interesting and Awesome!!!

  3. It would be so sick if the Terminator got battle damage during a fight and his skin started coming off and exposing the Terminator skeleton underneath

  4. you something i find this very unfare theyve got robocop terminator why the fuck not have t1000 then isnt he even a mention or a thought + what about transformers that'll be prity epic

  5. Let's all be real here. Robocop lost to a magnet and a methhead kid. T800 killed all of humanity.
    Robocop doesn't stand a damn chance.

  6. Im glad I stopped playing after Deception and Armageddon. This latest abomination is copious amounts of worthlessness.

  7. 4:22 Nooo! After all that effert! What the hell is that annoying sound? That isn't the iconic Terminator music! That just shat all over the eexperience.

  8. Peter Weller could totally do a Robocop movie again. As long as its not ruined by wokeness, it would make a ton of money.

  9. Oookay. Very cool no doubt. But did RoboCop even actually have half of the weapons seen in this gameplay. I dont remember a rocket launcher that came out of his wrist.

  10. Круто я такова не ожидал терминатор против робокопа просто супер

  11. I am very interested what would happen if You will shot into robocop's mouth

    He will blood?
    i am terminator fan

  12. In Fan-fictions, comics and death battle animations, they HAVE met before.

    It's a crossover battle within a crossover battle.