Robert Ludlum's The Apocalypse Watch | PART 2 of 2 | 1997 | FULL MOVIE

Robert Ludlum’s The Apocalypse Watch PART 2

An American intelligence officer discovers that his brother may have uncovered a new Nazi movement in Europe. When his brother is murdered, the officer adopts his identity in order to stop an attack on the world’s water supply, the first assault of the new Fourth Reich. Based on Robert Ludlum’s book.

Traces the rise of a powerful neo-fascist movement called the Fourth Reich, that plans to poison the water supplies of London, Paris and Washington.

Starring Patrick Bergin, Virginia Madsen, John Shea, Malcom Tierney, Michael Brandon, Glynis Barber, James Faulkner
Directed by Kevin Connor

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  1. I see that you have different types of movies to watch, but you don't have any Christian movies there. Do you have any Christians movies?

  2. The O.1% who CONTROL , Chaos King Distractor TRAITOR WANNABE DICTATOR Russia Stooge Trump/his ENABLERS to DO their DIRTY WORK , for NEW WORLD ORDER !

  3. It is our right and our duty to abolish our corrupt and tyrannical government that has been taken over by the satanic NWO 💀 🇺🇸 💀
    Washington DC London England and the Vatican are the heads of the snake of the satanic NWO

  4. Interesting timing to re release this one. Makes one wonder if artists in all the genres actually do portray the moraies of society. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the upload, seems almost like the Democrats are always wanting to destroy our FREEDOMS…by saving themselves as the rulers of the planet.

  6. Really bad writing and concept, but the acting is even worse. It's like English isn't their language. Even two syllable words are mispronounced, lol. It's jejune in the extreme. It's so bad can't stop watching. It's even funnier with captions.

  7. You think this is just a fictional movie think again. Look into the Great reset and the World Economic Forum. Biden is being controlled by these globalists. Everything is documented on their website. Do your research and Pray to God these evil people are stopped. Time to WAKE THE FK UP stop being distracted by the nonsense. Us divided is their control.

  8. i see some people here hate this movie! They to dumb to realize that “New World Order” is real! It’s been planed for years! Just look what is happening around the world and America!

  9. Part 2 is pathetic acting. Very boring from the beginning, started to FF through it all, then wasn't even interested enough to see how it ends. Old actor with dyed black hair & ugly mustache got on my nerves. Putting people under the influence of 'hypnotism' was cornball. Ludlum, your book/movie stinks.

  10. Don't think this couldn't happen, it could. The main characters in the world do not give a s#@t about us or our home (earth). If nothing else has been proven true in the last 2yrs., that has, we must all try to see, where they are trying to take us. Look beyond the distractions they provide and the fear they propagate with their propaganda. Find trustworthy news outlets (not mainstream). Recognize lies, see truths (even if it hurts or is shocking). Calm yourself and ask yourself. Does this make any sense at all? Follow the money, it's our money. Find a way to get along, they have created this divide and it is false. They are breaking laws, both written and God given. Q. everything.

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