Robert Ludlum's The Apocalypse Watch | PART 1 of 2 | 1997 | FULL MOVIE

In Part 1: An American intelligence officer discovers that his brother may have uncovered a new Nazi movement in Europe. When his brother is murdered, the officer adopts his identity in order to stop an attack on the world’s water supply, the first assault of the new Fourth Reich. Based on Robert Ludlum’s book.

Traces the rise of a powerful neo-fascist movement called the Fourth Reich, that plans to poison the water supplies of London, Paris and Washington.

Starring Patrick Bergin, Virginia Madsen, John Shea, Malcom Tierney, Michael Brandon, Glynis Barber, James Faulkner
Directed by Kevin Connor

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  1. I’ve only got four words to say to your effort: thank you thank you thank you. Alright, six words. Math has never been my métier.

  2. Gotta HATE how Caucasian Amerikkkans🇺🇸 TALK ABOUT “OUR NATION……”, but FORGET their European ANCESTORS , WERE THE ILLEGALS !

  3. 9/11/01 AMERIKKKANAZI🇺🇸 INTEL. agencies & Military KNEW who the so called 19 Highjackers WERE , etc….! THE LIST IS LONG !

  4. Wealthy people ALWAYS FINANCE TERRORISM ! What did RICH dude say at BEGINNING “ WE HAVE INSURANCE on the Buildings”!

  5. Hhhmmm, 2022 and IT’S

  6. Thank goodness Popcornflix put this movie out, complete excellence–great audio, no commercials, just talented people giving us some interesting movies to watch. This is really good. So it's a little dated, it's a great story line.

  7. I hate when people say such stupid things as: these animals when talking about people, because that would be insulting to the real ones who unlike ourselves don't make bombs or other weapons which can murder lots of people. Oh yeah and by the way, we are animals also, because we are mammals and we are related to primates, although it turns out that people are not the best of the animal kingdom.

  8. We imported lots & lots of Nazi's here to America after WW2, no wonder that we now are being engulfed with this ideology now 60+ years later:Corporate Fascism.

  9. but why the 4th reich,it would be the 6th reich more corectly
    1.Reich kaiserreich
    2.Reich weimar republic
    3.reich hitler
    4.reich brd
    5.Reich brd after reunification
    6.reich ….

  10. I should hope that anyone watching this understands that there is so much realty in it just like many other movies, videos and even cartoons.

  11. Welcome to 2022. This is a globalist Agenda by the WEF and political elites like Joe Biden the Klaus Swab puppet. Look it up "Great Reset" stop being such a sheep. TIME TO WAKE THE FK UP. Its not a left or right political distraction they want us divided and history will repeat itself. Us divided is their control don't fall for the trap and don't be a useful idiot you will be the 1st to be culled. If you think Russia is bad you have been brainwashed, they are disposing of a Nazi Regime along with US funded Bio-labs looking to take out certain races. All funded by Obama-Biden regime going back to 2000's when Oabma was a senator. Stop bein brainwashed and educate yourselves MSM lies about everything all propaganda. Fox CNN all of them are all the same. All the shootings are MK ultra used by CIA to take our guns. I can go on for ever these are not conspiracy theories its all documented, WEF has everything on their web sight they are out in the open what they want to do.

  12. I normally like these KINDS of spy/counterspy movies, but these two male leads (the brothers, anyway) are SO UTTERLY LAME!! — both the roles and the acting — that I may not be able to lug thru it.. And what was the kidnap scene at the beginning — where the purported hero drags the villain out into the parking lot where the villain has maybe 6 or 8 armed guys, most of whom have good clear shots at the perp, but just look on without a clewe, like the Elmer Fudds they resemble….

    OK, I'll grant that the plot wants to let the perp get back to his spy home, for their own purposes, but why doesn't Mortimer Snerd Spy there figure that out?: Gee, they're not shooting at me, they must want me to get out alive — i.e., they've filled me full of false info for me to take back home. I'll just start shooting all the Commie bastards now and take the car and drive home myself.

    I could us some comic relief right about now ~25 mins in — like maybe Slim Pickens waddling in with his B-52 flight suit on and grabbing the fabulous Virgin Madsen — oops, I meant ia – and getting to know her better on the conference room table, after he gets all his hoses loosened and in position for a low-level raid on her stonghold HQ. Who wants to watch these two numbnut brothers stumble incompetently thru their lines like the Three Stooges with even worse haircuts and facial hair than they actually had… — esp when Virgie Maddy is right there bitching at them and also being bitching hot ….

    If someone could get the duds off the female lead, I might could make it thru this otherwise schlock movie, if they leave her in every scene getting a wet joyride from all the the actors and crew ….She makes up for everything terrible about this movie….

  13. The Apocalypse happens every 12,000 years NOW for a 1,000 years at vernal/Autumnal equinoxes the time it takes our solar system to cross the galactic nucleus's double Torus magnetic center.

    Jesus warned us about the Anti-Goylumites & these the climate change END TIMES with the book of REVELATIONS & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSION cycle he held in his hand. "He who has ears (prerequisite knowledge) will hear (understand).

    "A House Divided will never stand." Us & Them Gentiles/Infidels is Racism, global jingoism & familial tribalism in Israel's case.

    "Forgive them they know not what they do?"

    The Anti-Goylumites have been taught and told they are the chosen people = Nazi Master race, who practice Purity of Blood = Nazi Eugenics inbreeding.

    "The TRUTH shall set humanity FREE." but the truth is inconvenient (Precession, Baby Boomer Bust) and most would rather the comfortable LIES (Covid, CO2)

    The GALACTIC Milankovitch cycles cause climate trends Obliquity, Cataclysms Precession with the 235,000 year rotation of the galactic bulge being the outside force Eccentricity. Antikythera device, deep sea core samples, ice core samples & geological evidence confirm these TIMINGS.

    Every 12,000 years half the Great Year, Magnetic North, Precession of the Alpha/Omega equinoxes our solar system eclipses our galaxies Double torus magnetic plane for a 1,000 years causing the END TIMES birthing pains culminating with Mother Earth's WATER breaking in the form of the oceans being pulled around the planet east to west 800 mph at the equator every 40 years when the planets are in conjunction, as in the Days of Noah.

    Crossing the center of the galaxies Double Torus galactic plain Eye of RA will & is causing EMP pillars of fire/lightning, Oort cloud comets, 100 lb Talen sized hail, increased intensity frequency of tornadoes, volcanoes, earth quakes, hurricanes/Cyclones and these are just the birthing pains.

    Mother Earth's WATER will break with the oceans being pulled around the planet east to west 800 mph at the equator because the planet rotates west to east 1,000 mph.

  14. I'll watch it, but already it appears this Ludlam story was deserving of a bigger budget and production. As is, it's a Hollywood back lot mftvm.

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