1. That helmet has definitely seen better days. Now it looks like a decaying pumpkin.

  2. I loved the music in this whole scene. From Rey's theme, to Vader's, to a harmonised Kylo's, and I love that this part at 1:52 has the same music when Sidious and Yoda are about to fight. When they're talking. "At an end your rule is. And not short enough it was." John Williams is the best film composer there is.

  3. Imagine one man was so terrible so stronger after his death still is force who can made chaos in Jedi

  4. It's that fact that Ben actually thought Vader was talking to him when it was palpatine all that time

  5. 2:24 if anyone’s wondering who that was that said “you killed him” that was like from the empire strikes back when him and Vader were fighting in cloud city and right before Vader told Luke that he’s his father

  6. Basically just a guy trying to scare the girl he likes into joining him as he watches her train on the side of the galaxy…

  7. Vader: Join Me
    Young Luke: You Killed Him!

    Only noticed now they snippeted Luke's voice from the same scene

  8. I don't quite understand why Kylo put his hand on Vader's helmet and how that connects to the visions

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