Resonance | Full Sci-Fi Horror Movie HD


PLOT: A young couple in need of a break, venture off into a vastly remote area, and discover strange noises originating from deep within the woods.

CAST: Max Croes, Nastassia Firestone

DIRECTOR: Siar Sidig

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  1. Alfons dutch have you see the face of that man his hair? His face looke like in dutch like a ui joh how can this bautiful woman fall in love with this man in this movie sorry haha gr alfons

  2. Wtf. I sat through all of that waiting in anticipation for something, anything to manifest or happen. & nothing. What a waste of a film & a hour & a half I'll never get back. 🤪👎

  3. That young little boy Looks Like a Girl . I bet he would be a mommy little boy , And he is Needy . What would a Lady want with kind of little man.

  4. I can't believe I sat here and watch this whole movie they didn't show no aliens no ghosts no nothing it was a good movie though it just didn't have nothing in it that I thought it would have I don't know what killed her husband either I give it a five out of a 10

  5. This movie looks like a very very low budget movie. With a higher budget this movie could have been much better.
    But the two actors were good.

  6. Good movie! They are so incompatible and she never stops moaning🙈The script is poor in parts but worth watching.

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