RESIDENT EVIL Trailer Teaser 2 (2022) Live Action

RESIDENT EVIL Trailer Teaser 2 (2022) Live Action

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  1. I hope they know how to play that music and dont oberpower it. Then it looks good…

  2. I would say stars members like jill and Chris and others may appear in this some way

  3. Ummm please have Mr. X in this. Please. I'm tired of these Hollywood fucks not knowing how to properly add Tyrant into the story. So they decide to just erase him completely from the story.. It wud be so fukin awesome if he is the main Tyrant boss in this show. Or atleast one of them.

  4. So THIS is why Sylens seems to have such a good understanding of technology in Horizon: Zero Dawn!!!

  5. This show does look promising. (Before you fight me in the comments, hear me out) At this point in time we all know that it's hard to turn Resident Evil into live action, cause it ends up nothing like the games, or is To Much like the games. To Me, a perfect Resident Evil movie/show, use concepts, Actual Events and Characters from the games, make those concepts, events and characters The Bulk of the movie/show, but to keep things unique/ interesting put a mild spin on it, don't make it to big, don't make it to small. Hopefully when this show is out, it does well.

  6. Another resident evil movie… They just made one last year but ok cool ill watch it i like resident evil 😊👍

  7. Looks good! Longtime RE fan, with all the remakes the games are doing, it's nice to see some new ideas from the franchise. Hopefully the writing and editing holds up, Netflix isn't always known for hiring quality BTS folks, but luckily that horrible Welcome to Raccoon City fanfilm lowered the bar of expectations so low, this thing is bound to look better by comparison.

  8. just make a sequel to the new movie it was honestly fun

  9. Looks pretty sweet! I like how they didn't just copy one of the game story lines. Would it have been cool? yes. Would it have had zero surprises? also yes. Original idea = New Scares 😁
    …they better not mess this up.

  10. If a T-Virus makes monsters, then why would they include that in a pill? Wouldn't it have to go through the government first?

  11. So that's the story…? They make a magical pill using the virus that caused chaos before. Now that's just lazy writing….

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