RESIDENT EVIL Trailer (2022)

RESIDENT EVIL Trailer (2022) Nothing eventful ever happens in the peaceful New Raccoon City. The legendary franchise …

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37 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL Trailer (2022)”
  1. Stop Netflix already! This is obviously bullshit. Life doesn't teach you anything.

  2. If you ignore the Umbrella logo and the name "Raccoon City", I challenge you to point out anything that would establish this as Resident Evil.

  3. Yet another bad adaptation where they just ignored the source material completely, laaaaame.

  4. They do know people liked the cast of the games? They could just try doing them properly.

  5. AH! Yet another adaption of the beloved "Resident Evil" franchise that remains faithful to the source material and is sure to appeal to the millions of fans! Or…not. [sigh]

  6. Commander Zavala caused the zombie outbreak, that damn fool and trying to find a way to defeat the hive and the darkness

  7. I wonder if it's like a sort of sequel series to welcome to raccoon city.

  8. in the words of krusty the clown, – WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ?

  9. It’s exciting that it has the name resident evil … but beyond that it’s just another zombie film/series… and there are millions of those already

  10. Noooooooooooo!!!…Horses ass still don't get it, and how many games are available? Hollywood is pathetic

  11. Why? Like have none of these people played the fucking video game? Literally you remade the Resident Evil movie no one wanted.

  12. Nothing like getting those diversity and representation numbers up & making it VERY obvious.

  13. Judging from these comments the resident evil fans are very immature and insecure as all hell. Haha lil babies

  14. so … its … Resident Evil Black Edition … k , i pass … the wokeness just oozes from it …

  15. #1 an #2 are my favorites , the one that came out Last year was decent . I think the rest are all trash. I didn't watch any of there cartoon movies either. I'm not gonna judge this one until I've seen it.

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