1. Resident evil keep getting more culty vid every number. What happen to bioweapon, sci fi weapon and zombie horde in a city.

  2. No sera la mejor ni la superara para mi resident evil 4 de ps2 si tiene la esencial en cambio perdio la idea central el nuevo juego que he observado no veo zombies ni los oersonajes centrales y protagonista ha cambiado mucho

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love the resident evil series, but it doesn’t feel like resident evil or look like it

  4. Gothically refreshing! Great! Will this one have VR support like RE7? Thanks a lot for this video!

  5. When Capcom runs out of new ideas and recycles old material, you know it’s it’s on its last legs.

  6. I'm so happy they changed Chris back to his normal-looking self. However, this feels like it'll end up like RE7 in that it'll be a good horror game but a bad Resident Evil game. Also, I hope the leaks aren't true, because if not, this is going to suck.

  7. Oh god those stupid rumors were true. Werewolves, Witches, more Ethan, Chris is crazy and murdered Claire.

    Rip Resident Evil.

  8. Sick of this cultist Eastern European village vibe they been doing of late! Stick to the zombie genre!

  9. I don’t know whether to be excited for the next best resident evil game or to be disappointed for the next generic, basic bore of a horror game

  10. I love resident evil, but I hate how the game is in first person. At least the remakes are 3rd person🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Im calling it now. Chris kills Ethan’s wife because she was infected with….something. Same ish they pulled with Dante slaughtering Nero’s cult members in DMC4.

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