Reportage November | Full Horror Mystery Movie (HD)


A mysterious death of a mother and the disappearance of her child leads a group of freelance journalists to the outback of Sweden. The group of four, led by the famous journalist Linn Söderqvist, will make a reportage about the happening, and try to find something the police missed. Equipped with cameras and supplies to survive in the forest for days, they wander out in the woods to find the truth.

CAST: Mikael Björklund, Isabel Camacho, Signe Elvin-Nowak, Marianna Ilona

DIRECTOR: Carl Sundström

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  1. Good movie. It's nice to see a Found Footage/Mockumentary movie that are not from United States of America.

  2. Great stuff. Really liked it.. The actors could open up a little more, but all in all, a winner!! Cool to see some stuff from my home country, too..

  3. Thanks to all of you who are watching Reportage November! I hope you enjoy the film 😁

  4. Well Friends I have just finished watching the movie and l must say that it has been one of the best FFH movies that l have ever seen.
    The Swedish really know their way in FFH movies. They must do more. The movie was perfect.
    The acting of the whole crew was really believable. Both the production and the editting were done according to lines of the story. Not much of what was needed and not more than was making the movie unbelievable. That happens a lot in other movies. Over flooding us with unnecessary details.That can give us the notion of a Sci-fi film instead of a plain documentary like film. I also must give a special thanks to the camera work. It was done without panning or too much unneeded special effects. The sound gave me the creeps.
    It was enjoyable and thrilling at the same time. A perfect example of a five stars movie with low budget. I equal this movie to the "Blair Witch Project". They are both on the same level. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the participants and to the crew behind the scenes esp. to the camera crew and to the script writers. Great job my friends. Keep on 👍 and May God Bless You All.
    Have the best weekend ever. If i can wish for anything,
    i would wish for many more movies like this one. Best Regards from Israel 🇮🇱 Your true Friend Yoram Klein 🌵
    P.S. When are you going to release another one ? Please notify.

  5. Hi Friends, I waited a long time for this Horror movie. I saw its' trailer and I just knew that it would be a great one. The language doesn't bother me, i will see it in any language. I just love FFH movies. When done correctly they are the most interesting ones. See the "Blair Witch Project" or "Grave Encounters".
    Thanks and have the best weekend ever.
    Best Wishes from your Israeli subscriber
    and friend, Yoram Klein 🌵 The Holly Land 🇮🇱

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