Renée Zellweger wins Leading Actress 2020 BAFTA – BBC

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Coverage of the BAFTAs, the UK’s prestigious annual film awards.

Graham Norton hosts highlights from the British Academy Film Awards, the prestigious awards ceremony celebrating the best in Film and the most glamorous night in the film calendar, where the film stars are out on the red carpet. Nominees for the sought-after Bafta masks include Scarlett Johansson, Robert De Niro, Leonardo Dicaprio, Joaquin Phoenix and Margot Robbie with hit films like Joker, The Irishman, Star Wars, Jojo Rabbit and Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood competing for the awards.

British Academy Film Awards | 2020 | BBC


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  1. Renee and Robert De Niro did “Shark Tale” together. Angie 🐟 accepts her award from Don Lino 🦈

  2. She really became Judy Garland in this movie!!! Just with very little make up, contacts and wig just shows you don’t need to go big for make up. Even the smallest can make a difference.

  3. she looks totally different from the pics that showed how different she looks after her plastic surgeries, she actually looks more like she used to look instead of not looking like herself at all anymore?

  4. This wasa charming speech, I have no idea why she couldn't come up with something like this to the oscars, instead she gave that endless heroes thing…

  5. Can't put my finger on why, but I feel Renee Zellweger went through A LOT to do this part and to get the accolades and respect she is getting for it. Like this wasn't just a "movie star gets a cool role" kinda deal, like there was some real effort here and real hustle.

    I hope she is happy and content.

  6. Saorise needs to get a new agent in Hollywood. She's doing great work, but has very low visibility in the U.S. Most American audiences have no idea who she is.
    Also, her heavy Irish accent works against her, U.S. audiences will tune her out. But Saorise should be proud of her Irish heritage, it's just U.S. audiences are very prejudiced and narrow-minded in that regard.

  7. No matter how good her performance is, it's hard to play a legend like Judy Garland. Judy means different things to different people. Playing a legend like that, it's always going to piss off Judy's fans.

    Renee got some of Judy's mannerisms right, but that's about it. The stylists and costume designers did a great job recreating Judy's look, but I'd have to agree that Renee was very lucky to win the Oscar this year, her category just wasn't that strong. If Renee was nominated last year against Olivia Colman, she'd lose to Colman just like Glenn Close did.

  8. Even tho ScarJo didn't win, she still did a convincing job showing she has other abilities besides running around in a suit in a Marvel movie. My guess is Hollywood will come calling with more scripts and acting opportunities. More so than they would give Charlize Theron because, let's face it, Scarlett is 10 years younger than Charlize and just as beautiful. That's just the hard reality of Hollywood. Out of all the women in this category, Scarlett is the only one who will get the most scripts offered to her.

  9. I waited on her at a restaurant and she was thr sweetest, most polite customer ever. Very humble, demure and beautiful in person.

  10. Renee is classy. She is thankful for the team and collaboration of everyone's gifts. It's not merely about her. She's deserving of this award.

  11. Love watching the faces of the losers, pretending to look happy that she won. After all they are actresses, good at pretending! Renee Zellwegger wow, now that’s what you call a comeback! She’s won everything and deservedly so.

  12. RENÉE YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING! How gracious, kind, elegant soul! Gorgeous in every possible way. Awesome lady

  13. What a lovely and respectful tribute to Garland, a woman too often misunderstood & not always celebrated for the creative force that she was! Well done, Miss Zellweggar. 👍🏾

  14. Haha a brief shark tale reunion on stage with De Niro there😂😂 nah but in all seriousness there is and only ever will be one Judy Garland and the fact that for 2 hours I was completely able to buy that Zellweger was her is the biggest compliment I can give her performance. A much deserved accolade and the Oscar will top it all off

  15. She is a very classy lady. You don't find that many in Hollywood …most of them are trashy…… seems like the more rude the more trashy than you get noticed….
    Where's the Grace Kelly and all those classy stars

  16. This is how to win an award. Show up. Stunning dress and perfect grooming. Crack a spontaneous joke. Humble gracious acceptance. Thank academy. Pay tribute to everyone you worked with and can remember (a feat of learning) and have time to thank in glowing terms. Share the award with them. Give a sense of time and place and make it specific and personal. Finally acknowledge 'Miss Garland' and her London connection. Use timeless language. Leave as elegantly and graciously as you arrived. This is why Renee has always won British hearts.

  17. It's pretty clear who is going to take home the Academy Awards now as all four of these actors have continuously dominated the awards circuit winning Golden Globes, the SAGS and now the BAFTA's.