Red, White and Blue: Trailer | Small Axe – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 After seeing his father assaulted by police officers, a young black man is driven to join the force, with hopes of changing racist attitudes from within. He soon finds himself facing both his father’s disapproval and racism in the ranks.

Small Axe | Red, White and Blue Trailer | BBC

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  1. i loved this episode. was particularly impressed by antonia thomas' performance. incredibly talented woman. cant wait to see what she does next.

  2. So small axe is up for a Baffta,nobody has watched or even heard of it. BBC and it anti white stance. It will suffer for it one day.

  3. This movie make the headlines i am reading it now…in the news paper that a film based on life of a Jamaican man former met police superintendent wins Golden globe award…

  4. So a PHD Graduate, already working in forensics, Who was ruffed up by the police as a youth, has dad beaten to a pulp by police, decides to be a a local bobby?…
    Doesn't quite make sense.

  5. This episode isnt even out yet .. the first episode is called MANGROVE its better than this preview with BOYEGA looks

  6. Great Britain was everlastingly better with the coming of the Windrush Generation. Shame on those backward people who yearn for a past that never was.

  7. I definitely have a feeling that John Boyega is gonna pull a Robert Pattinson, and start getting incredible film roles after a really terrible movie franchise screwed him over. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

  8. I live in Argentina now and I'm from Brixton my dad was a sound system man lived on the frontline. I watched part one and two yesterday, i thought it was about small axe the sound but it was even better, growing up in the 70s first gen black brit it brought back loads of memories. I love where it's going im connected to the show in many ways being that i worked in the ethic film and tv industry for bbc ch4 itv bfi…production and actors have come a long way….Proud of where its got to.

  9. Looks like shite. I thought th is was gonna be an Oscar winner, turns out its straight to BBC iplayer kinda shit. Horrendous

  10. More PC pandering from the BBC… every programme, every advert, every radio station… this brain washing is ridiculous. Britain is a MAJORITY white country for christ sake.

  11. West Indian people really do love that church song. I'm amazed at how they managed to capture west Indian people with authenticity in these films. 👌🏿

  12. Boyega is a very bad actor and a whiner, constantly whining that he is oppressed. fucked up Star Wars, and now torn into Bond


  14. This is goosebumps inducing – a few minutes in, so good! John Boyega has turned into such a spectacular actor; so believable, such range of performance, so good. Can't wait to watch it, already set reminder!

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  16. John is such an amazing actor. Whatever role he takes on he is thoroughly mesmerising.
    He really is one of our best actors right now.
    We should continue to support him.
    Well done John!!

  17. To be honest, I'm not a fan of John Boyega. Somehow his public appearances on talk shows have soured him for me and I always see the actor now, not the character.

  18. BBC are destroying west indian culture and heritage from the inside out. John Boyega is an African. He doesn't understand the pain of being West indian and he is not qualified to portray it on screen. There are thousands of actors with west indian heritage who you could've chosen. Him, Idris Alba, Daniel Kaluya they all imitate our culture and are used to tell our story and represent us. But they can never provide what we can provide and be ground breaking or trend setting because all they are is an imitation. Funny how their heritage is from the same west African nations who sold us into slavery, Nigeria, Ghana etc. There's hundreds of black non african Americans in Hollywood, Music and sport who are truly legendary, real trendsetters, stand the test of time. In UK the people at the top just give all the Africans the bag. They imitate our culture in music, they get all the acting roles and people accept it like it's normal but it's just the same as them using white people in all those roles. Being a black west indian in UK is not the same as being a black African in UK. FACT. The top UK actors/musicians/comedians they have no influence outside of the UK unless the BBC pays for some fake hype. Their influence is manufactured and their music is an imitation of west indian culture. For example there are artists virtually unknown that are more influential in America than all if the so called top artists in UK combined.