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  1. So, I went to the theatres to watch Black Widow. For me, as a movie, Black Widow was very enjoyable. In comparison to the rest of the MCU, it felt lacking until the post credits scene. I think it was just the knowledge of what happens to Natasha that kept my expectations a bit high. Like, 'how are they going to top that?' kept running through my head. It does a decent job, but none of it really hit home. Maybe it was the lack of visuals via flashbacks or news, but it felt a bit disconnected from the rest of the MCU. I don't want to spoil, but I wished there was more interaction between her and a certain red guy. If there was a bit more there, I think the post-credits scene would have had a bit more impact, though it might have spoiled a bit, too.

  2. this movie was soo good and the post credit scene had me in tears and now MAKE SCARLET SIGN THAT CONTRACT AGAIN IT ISNT MARVEL WITHOUT HER.

  3. साला मुवी का wait करते करते हम विधवा ना हो जाए…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. What a hot mess this movie is not one character close to being comic book accurate can’t believe I waited this long to see such a terrible movie very disappointed I expected so much more 😥

  5. I think one reason trailers expose terribly much about the scenes is because they wanna keep people hyped. This movie had been adjourned so many times, andPeople have been distracted by other issues and other movies. Anyway, the movie is literally marvellous

  6. Honestly marvel didn't live up the hype. I expected a lot more after waiting for 2 years💔

  7. Well marvel its your fault that indian fans like me are pirating the movie bcz how are we supposed to wait 3 more months when the spoilers are already all over the internet.
    Edit : i will watch it again in theaters when it will be released in October (hopefully).

  8. Black Widow movie is basically like a wet fart; a fart that Marvel was holding for so long that now they had no choice but release which turned out to be wet and disgusting.

  9. Everyone here, "They wasted task master". Guy's, it's Marvel. What if they have planned sometimes like Mandarin tor real task master too ?

  10. I think we all have to agree the fact that even after releasing so many clips from the movie, the main plot of the movie is not spoiled.

  11. dude…we have watched the movie…Now pls pls stop it…i will cry now..stop putting black widow trailer now and pls release no way home trailer…

  12. The movie was awesome, but why did they have to ruin a awesome villian. The fight sequences could have been amazing if taskmaster was properly utilized.

  13. Marvel I beg you to stop releasing so many trailers, it's spoiling the movies and making us feel like we've already seen it. Don't be a netflix.

  14. Watched it last night and it was meh and boring. Scarjo was crying in most scenes. Cringe comedy by her sister. Fight scenes are basically the ones you all saw in trailers. That’s it. Loki episodes are far more better.

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