Ranked-Choice Voting Backed in Midterm Ballot Measures, May Help “Crash-Proofing Our Democracy”

Voters in Nevada and a handful of cities across the United States appear poised to expand the use of ranked-choice voting in the aftermath of Tuesday’s midterm elections. The election method allows voters to select multiple candidates in descending order of preference. It is used in many other countries, and supporters say it can reduce polarization and give more voice to independent voters. “The forces for ranked-choice voting are people who really care about our democracy,” says George Cheung, director of More Equitable Democracy, who says ranked-choice voting “allows for truer representation of who we are as a community.”

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  1. Thank you for having this guest, Amy, and I hope there will be more to continue to highlight successes in ranked choice voting and bring it to the mainstream. I liked Mr. Cheung's comparison of the current winner-take-all method to your grandmother's car and his highlighting that this was a system dating back to the 1400's. It would have been great if he could have also mentioned how it supports the current two-party-only system, thus limiting our choices from the start.

  2. Or and here me out, we have state primary elections before official midterm elections so every party has one candidate

  3. If GA had ranked choice voting they wouldn't have to have yet another runoff election because of their 50% rule. GA voters shouldn't have to put up with both the costs and the inconvenience of runoff elections.

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  5. Ranked Choice is a great idea, but they need someone else out there explaining it because this guy blows.

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  7. Dear Democracy Now. Could you change Amy's theme from blue to at least accents on warmer colours? The blue with grey hair and white skin is a subliminal aesthetic turn off.

  8. Thank you for highlighting the need for election transition. Would be great to emphasize many other countries have been using rank-choice or preference voting systems in Federal elections with great success.

    Rank-choice voting allows for the voter to choose which PERSON (candidate) they "prefer". Wouldn't it be wonderful if, when voting, you could vote for the PERSON you like and the policies they represent for you? Instead of always voting against the candidate & attached party you HATE THE LEAST?

  9. Republicans will fight this tooth and nail. They don’t want a democracy that reflects diversity. Also with their unpopular authoritarian ways they want to force on the majority, they would never win again and they know it. I say bring on the rank choice voting asap.

  10. When I heard the heritage foundation was against rank choice voting, I knew I would be for it.

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  12. RCV must be STOPPED!
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    Or right thinking people will never be elected again!

  13. So glad this is becoming more mainstream in America. It's easy, fair, and prevents a few of the biggest issues in our current voting system: first, you don't ever risk "wasting" a vote on a candidate you feel passionate about, but worry isn't popular enough, because if they don't win, your vote goes to your second choice. Second, you aren't limited by party, so a wider range of candidates and ideas are presented to voters. Third, monetary interests don't play as much of a role. Great job!

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  17. I’ve been calling for this since the 2000 election. Glad it’s finally, maybe, getting some serious consideration. Better late than never. βœŒπŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  18. Two party electoral system- winner takes all/ first past the post doesn’t reflect the diversity of local representation.
    Any system of proportional representation which encourages local people to stand for election has to be an improvement.
    The last general election produced a Conservative Party with an 80 seat majority, on a turn out of less than 45% of the total vote in the UK House of Commons.
    The present parliamentary chaos is proof enough that changes are needed.

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