Queen lies in state at Westminster

A ceremony has been held in Westminster Hall to mark the beginning of the Queen’s lying in state.



  1. Rip Queen 👸 Eilzabith is greatest lady Waheguru ji Queen de Aatma nu santi devo ji bless her Aatma

  2. As the young soldiers carried the coffin in it began. It was at the moment after the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke and the color flag was placed down on the catafalque I finally had tears. A long reign repressed and diplomatic now like a flower opening up a message of many colors to the future world as Her Majesty publicly departed. As the choir sang and the military guard representatives stand watch the reparations are palpable as much is likely to be addressed in the world. It is time.

  3. Such a proud moment for all those pall bearers. So dignified.ive never seen such a proud nation coming together. R.I.P . HRH

  4. A funeral service in which the Bible, God's Word, was predominant. The choir sang acapella Psalm 139 and the minister read from the gospel of John, chapter 14, verses 1-6. "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" (John 14:6).

  5. So called King Charles needs to go and allow William to be King. He derserves and would be a better King than Charles who wrecked Diana's life.

  6. How much more disrespectful can Meghan and Harry get. They can't even get a funeral tight. Holding hands. Meghan love bombing Harry again.

  7. pity they didn't do what they were supposed to do and move her to london by train from scotland so the rest of the country can have a chance of seeing her but no everything got to be london as usual

  8. My sincerest condolences to the Royal family Rest in Peace her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

  9. William knows very well he will have to walk behind Charles's coffin one day too…and Kate knows she will likely do it for William.
    to me it seems frightening to know such futures

  10. I think it was disrespectful for Harry and Meghan to hold hands while the Queen was just layed in state, they should show more respect for the Queen and crown

  11. I am glad that someone is explaining what is happening it's beautiful to see but the other part the occasion is a sad one Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II 👑

  12. What a most beautiful ceremony. May she rise in glory with the righteous in the last day.

  13. Even in such a serious and solemn ceremony Markle still has to be hold hands with Henry 🙄 Does she think Princr Williams love for Princess Kate is any less than hers? What abt thr King for Camilla who he gave up his marriage and been together for nearly his entire life. This kind of showy, undignified, needy, lacking decorum, and going to the public abt everything is why ppl wholeheartedly dislike her.

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